My favourite browser for many reasons. It is incredibly fast, doesn't have the baggage of all the Google Chrome tracking and is native to macOS so it is extremely optimised.

Safari power using

As it is my most used app, I like to script and automate as much of my use of it as possible.

I open any of my most used websites using this macro. It opens the website I specify or it if the website is not open anywhere in Safari and will jump between the tabs of the website if there is an instance of this website I specify somewhere. I use this macro for pretty much all websites out there and that means I can open any website I wish with a single keypress. Both open and filter through.

Aside from it, I use many Safari extensions for it. Most notably I really love and recommend using sVim. My configuration for it can be found here :

I also use this amazing workflow by Deanishe to quickly jump between my currently active Safari tabs as well as search through my history and my bookmarks.

If I get too many tabs open filled with things to read and do, I sometimes save a session of all these tabs in Sessions safari extension and then have a clean Safari window to focus on.

I then schedule times where I go and review these saved sessions.

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