This is my personal wiki where I share everything I know about this world in form of an online GitBook hosted on GitHub.

If this is your first time visiting this wiki, take a look here as it describes this wiki, its structure and goals in a lot of detail.

Using the wiki well

You can quickly search the contents of this wiki above or you can explore the tree view to the left.

You can access any entry from this wiki super fast using Alfred My Mind workflow.

Aside from this wiki, I share code snippets and build Learn Anything.

Other things I wrote and shared

I share my knowledge in longer form by writing articles and making YouTube videos.

I also love writing code that solves various problems I have and I share it all on GitHub.

Here you can find all the things I made and shared thus far.

Make your own wiki

You can view other similar to this, continuously updated wikis, here.

Don't be afraid to create one of your own and share what you know with the world.


If you found a mistake anywhere, I would appreciate your help. GitBook provides a quick way to open GitHub page for any entry so you can make changes and submit a PR.

I'd love to hear any ideas you have on how I can improve this wiki.

Thank you

You can support me on GitHub or look into other projects I shared.

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