Telegram is the best messenger that exists right now. I use it for personal messaging, following many group chats & channels. I run a channel of my own too where I post a stream of things I liked & thought about.
I also created macOS/iOS Automation & Karabiner groups.
I mapped my most visited chats with KM macros that call URL schemes like so:
This lets me jump between many chats instantly. For other chats I use the channel switcher. I also use smart folders:
I can then on macOS use ⌘ + 1/2/3 to switch between the folders. And on iOS, swipe left and right or click. The folders are: Personal Messages (1 to 1 chats), Groups, Channels, Bots.

Bot libraries


  • ​LyAdminBot - Π‘ΠΎΡ‚ для администрирования Π³Ρ€ΡƒΠΏΠΏ. (Code)
  • ​shell-bot - Telegram bot that executes commands and sends the live output.
  • ​vzmuinebot - Telegram bot for food menu navigate.
  • ​TgDev - Telegram bots development.
  • ​tghbot - Simple Github events notification bot written using gotd.
  • ​Telegram Captcha Bot - Validates new users that enter supergroup. Validation works like a simple captcha. Bot written in Go.
  • ​ telegram chatbot - Telegram Chatbot that generates images from source code.
  • ​webhook2telegram - Telegram bot which translates push messages sent as simple HTTP calls into Telegram messages you can subscribe to.
  • ​Voicy - Automatically converts all the audio messages to text when added to a group chat. (Code)
  • ​Stonky - Stock market Telegram bot.
  • ​telewater - Telegram bot that applies watermark on images, gifs, and videos.
  • ​Release Tracker - Telegram Bot written in Rust to Track new Github releases.
  • ​TgBot-RS - Modular Telegram Group Manager Bot written in Rust.
  • ​TweetBot - Telegram Bot to Stream the tweets from any twitter accounts to Telegram Channel.
  • ​Telegram to Notion - Instantly send content from Telegram to Notion.
  • ​github2telegram - Bot that can send notification of new releases to Telegram.
  • ​Voice to text bot - Unpack voicemails into a text.
  • ​LoggingTelegram - Send SwiftLog messages to any Telegram chat.
  • ​Olgram Bot - ΠšΠΎΠ½ΡΡ‚Ρ€ΡƒΠΊΡ‚ΠΎΡ€ Π±ΠΎΡ‚ΠΎΠ² ΠΎΠ±Ρ€Π°Ρ‚Π½ΠΎΠΉ связи. Open source Π°Π»ΡŒΡ‚Π΅Ρ€Π½Π°Ρ‚ΠΈΠ²Π° Livegram Π±ΠΎΡ‚Π°. Telegram feedback bot constructor. (Code)
  • ​piston_bot - Telegram bot that will run code for you.
  • ​TelegramBotsList - List of Telegram bots with open source code in alphabetical order.
  • ​MySubredditsBot - Telegram bot to track posts in subreddits.
  • ​telegram-bot-dumper - Easy dumping of all Telegram bot stuff.
  • ​Cloud Convert Bot - Telegram bot to do file conversions. (Code)
  • ​Video Downloader - Telegram bot to download videos from URLs.
  • ​ArbeitBot - Free open-source Telegram freelance market.
  • ​Shieldy - Best solution in Telegram to fight annoying spammers. (Code)
  • ​WilliamButcherBot - Telegram Group Manager Bot Written In Python Using Pyrogram.
  • ​Hitokoto - Telegram bot hosted in cloudflare workers.
  • ​Ultroid - Stable pluggable Telegram userbot + Voice & Video Call music bot, based on Telethon.
  • ​LazyBot - Telegram Userbot based on GramJS.
  • ​TGVCBot - Telegram VC Music Bot.
  • ​snazzybot - Get results across web right on Telegram.
  • ​text-to-notion-bot - Simple self-hosted single-user telegram bot for sending text into Notion, using the official API.



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