Telegram is by far the best messenger that exists right now.

I created a few public Telegram groups that I often contribute to. macOS/iOS Automation being the biggest one.

I mapped my most visited chats with KM macros that call URL schemes like so:

This lets me jump between many groups in under 1 second time. For other groups I use the channel switcher.

Bot libraries


  • ​vzmuinebot - Telegram bot for food menu navigate.

  • ​TgDev - Telegram bots development.

  • ​tghbot - Simple Github events notification bot written using gotd.

  • ​Telegram Captcha Bot - Validates new users that enter supergroup. Validation works like a simple captcha. Bot written in Go.

  • ​ telegram chatbot - Telegram Chatbot that generates images from source code.

  • ​webhook2telegram - Telegram bot which translates push messages sent as simple HTTP calls into Telegram messages you can subscribe to.

  • ​Voicy - Automatically converts all the audio messages to text when added to a group chat. (Code)

  • ​Stonky - Stock market Telegram bot.