• ​pdf-diff - PDF comparison utility in Python.
  • ​Caradoc - Parser and validator of PDF files written in OCaml.
  • ​pdfsandwich - Tool to make "sandwich" OCR pdf files. (HN)
  • ​Markdown to PDF - Will take a markdown file as input and then create a PDF file with the markdown formatting.
  • ​PDF Reader in Go​
  • ​lopdf - Rust library for PDF document manipulation. (Breakdown Of How Lopdf Reads PDFs)
  • ​pdf_render - Experimental PDF viewer.
  • ​pdf-rs - Read, alter and write PDF files.
  • ​PEP - Open Source & Free PDF Editor for Mac. (Code)
  • ​TPPDF - Fast PDF builder for iOS & macOS using simple commands to create advanced documents.
  • ​PDF-Lib - Create and modify PDF documents in any JavaScript environment. (Docs)
  • ​pikepdf - Python library for reading and writing PDF files.
  • ​pdf2svg - Simple PDF to SVG converter using the Poppler and Cairo libraries.
  • ​CamlPDF - OCaml library for reading, writing and modifying PDF files.
  • ​cpdf-binaries - PDF Command Line Tools binaries.
  • ​pdfannots - Extracts and formats text annotations from a PDF file.
  • ​pystitcher - Stitches your PDF files together, generating nice customizable bookmarks for you using a declarative input in the form of a markdown file. (HN)
  • ​QPDF - Command-line tool and C++ library that performs content-preserving transformations on PDF files.
  • ​qpdf-rs - Rust bindings for QPDF C++ library.
  • ​pdfc - PDF compiler for your source code.
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