My Trello boards

I share many Trello boards publicly as I try have my workflow, ideas and experiences be fully transparent.

Below is a list of all public Trello boards I share.

  • Learning - Things I am learning and want to learn.
  • Ideas - Ideas I have that I want to bring to existence.
  • Books - Books I am reading and want to read.
  • Research papers - Research papers I am reading and want to read.
  • Courses - Courses I am taking and want to take.
  • Things to try - Things I want to try at some point in life.
  • Travel - Places I want to visit.
  • Podcasts - Podcasts I am listening and want to listen.
  • Movies - Movies I want to watch.
  • TV Series - TV Series I am watching and want to watch.
  • Games - Games I am playing and want to play.

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