Code on GitHub

I love solving problems with code. Here are all the repositories I made.

Thoughts on Twitter

I share all the things I am up to right now there.

Blog on Medium

I write mostly about programming, tools and macOS. Here are all the articles I wrote.

Experiences on Instagram

I share photos and stories from my life there. I also curate a small page of beautiful pictures.

Music on Spotify and SoundCloud

I share songs I like in form of playlists. I also share music I am listening to now and artists I love.

Videos on YouTube

I mostly make videos about macOS. Here are all the videos I made. I also share many YouTube playlists I made.

Ideas in Trello

My time is limited and I can't often do everything I wish. But I have many ideas so I put all of them in the open.

I have many more Trello boards I use and share.

macOS/iOS group on Telegram

I love macOS and automation so I made a Telegram group to discuss all things macOS/iOS.

Snippets on GitHub Gists

I share snippets of code I made with various languages for quick reference.

Knowledge in this wiki

I share everything I know in form of this wiki here. Can be easily queried with the search at the top and with Alfred My Mind.

I try to make my own workflow in doing things be as transparent as possible.

I love tracking various things for my own reference.

My life

I share and review my life in this wiki here. Acts as a little personal journal I love to look back on.

Everything else

I share most everything else here: