Research papers

Research papers

I keep a Trello board of research papers I am reading and want to read.

Below is a list of research papers I read with a link to my own notes of the paper.



  • ​Arxiv Vanity - Renders academic papers from Arxiv as responsive web pages.

  • ​Fermat’s Library - Software to help illuminate academic papers.

  • ​Fatcat - Versioned, user-editable catalog of research publications: journal articles, conference proceedings, pre-prints, etc. OSS.

  • ​ - Fetch an arXiv/PubMed/ACM/OpenReview/Springer paper and send it to the reMarkable.

  • ​Some papers​

  • ​OpenReview - Aims to promote openness in scientific communication, particularly the peer review process.

  • ​Zotero - Personal research assistant. (HN) (Code)

  • ​Better BibTeX for Zotero - Make Zotero effective for us LaTeX holdouts.

  • ​ACM Digital Library - Research, discovery and networking platform. (HN)