TypeScript libraries


    ​joist-ts - TypeScript ORM for Postgres.
    ​atdatabases - TypeScript clients for databases that prevent SQL Injection. (Web)
    ​Mammoth - Type-safe Postgres query builder for TypeScript.
    ​Schemats - Postgres to TypeScript Interfaces and Enums. (HN)
    ​sql-dsl - SQL DSL for your Node App.


    ​tRPC - TypeScript toolkit for building end-to-end typesafe APIs.
    ​typed-rest-client - Lightweight REST and HTTP client optimized for use with TypeScript with generics and async await.
    ​Ts.ED - Node.js and TypeScript Framework on top of Express/Koa.js.
    ​Axios-Fetch - WebAPI Fetch implementation backed by an Axios client.


    ​TS auto mock - Typescript transformer to unlock automatic mock creation for interfaces and classes.
    ​intermock - Mocking library to create mock objects and JSON for TypeScript interfaces via Faker.


    ​ow - Argument type validation.
    ​ts-toolbelt - Higher type safety for TypeScript.
    ​morphic-ts - Adresses the pain of writing and maintaining derived code for business logic.
    ​ts-results - TypeScript implementation of Rust's Result object.
    ​TSDataStructure - Collection of data structures(LinkedList, DoubleLinkedList, Stack, Queue, Dictionary and etc...) for TypeScript.
    ​fp-ts - Functional programming in TypeScript. (Functional TypeScript With fp-ts) (eslint-plugin-fp-ts)
    ​fp-ts-contrib - Community driven utility package for fp-ts.
    ​io-ts - Runtime type system for IO decoding/encoding. (Web)
    ​typescript-utilities-guide - List of typescript helper libraries.
    ​tsdef - TypeScript common pattern shortcut definitions / utility gist library.
    ​ts-auto-guard - Generate type guard functions from TypeScript interfaces.
    ​ts-adt - Generate Algebraic Data Types and pattern matchers.
    ​ts-mockito - Mocking library for TypeScript.
    ​class-validator - Validation made easy using TypeScript decorators.
    ​List - Immutable list with unmatched performance and a comprehensive functional API.
    ​Photon - Type-safe database client for TypeScript & Node.js (ORM replacement).
    ​ts-essentials - All basic TypeScript types in one place.
    ​ts-transformer-keys - TypeScript custom transformer which enables to obtain keys of given type.
    ​ts-prune - Find unused exports in a typescript project.
    ​byots - Bring your own TypeScript with more internal definitions.
    ​is - Type check values.
    ​sql-ts - Generate TypeScript types from a SQL database.
    ​Mostly ORMless - Ergonomic Postgres from TypeScript.
    ​Unionize - Boilerplate-free functional sum types in TypeScript.
    ​zod - Typescript-first schema validation with static type inference.
    ​utility-types - Collection of utility types, complementing TypeScript built-in mapped types and aliases.
    ​fetcher-ts - Type-safe wrapper around Fetch API.
    ​gretchen - Making fetch happen in TypeScript.
    ​matechs-effect - Fully-fledged functional effect system for typescript with a rich standard library.
    ​Funval - Minimalist library for data validation using functions interfaces.
    ​tsParticles - Lightweight TypeScript library for creating particles.
    ​Clack - Modern keyboard shortcut library written in Typescript.
    ​fx-ts - Computational environments and effects for TypeScript.
    ​Gostek - 100% typesafe SQL querybuilder.
    ​connection-string - Advanced URL Connection String parser.
    ​Purify - Functional programming library for TypeScript.
    ​monocle-ts - Functional optics: a (partial) porting of Scala monocle.
    ​ts-interface-checker - Runtime library to validate data against TypeScript interfaces.
    ​ts-mysql-plugin - : A typescript language service plugin that gives superpowers to SQL tagged template literals.
    ​hyper-ts - Type safe middleware architecture for HTTP servers.
    ​PgTyped - Makes it possible to use raw SQL in TypeScript with guaranteed type-safety.
    ​Zapatos - Zero-Abstraction Postgres for TypeScript. (Docs)
    ​tagged-ts - Tagged unions code generation library for discriminating tastes.
    ​Monads - Type safe Option, Result, and Either types; inspired by Rust.
    ​typecheck.macro - Easy (and fast) typescript validation library/macro. Automatically generation validation functions for Typescript types.
    ​typed-assert - Typesafe TS assertion library.
    ​TS Pattern - Complete Pattern Matching library for TypeScript, with smart type inference.
    ​TSyringe - Lightweight dependency injection container for TypeScript/JavaScript for constructor injection.
    ​tslib - Runtime library for TypeScript helpers.
    ​NeverThrow - Type-Safe Errors for JS & TypeScript. (Chaining Failable Tasks)
    ​TypeORM fixtures CLI - Allows you to create a ton of fixtures/fake data for use while developing or testing your project.
    ​ts-union - ADT sum type in typescript.
    ​Kiss-ORM - ORM for TypeScript with no query-builder, supporting full SQL queries. (HN)
    ​Decoder - Powerful, well tested, data decoder for Typescript.
    ​openapi-typescript - Generate TypeScript types from Swagger OpenAPI specs.
    ​Conditional Type Checks - Types for testing TypeScript types.
    ​ts-simple-type - Relationship type checker functions for Typescript types.
    ​TypeORM - ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript. (TypeORM naming strategies)
    ​newtype-ts - Implementation of newtypes in TypeScript.
    ​fluent-builder - Typed, fluent builder for generating fixtures in Typescript.
    ​xstate-codegen - Gives you 100% type-safe usage of XState in Typescript.
    ​useFsmReducer - useReducer for state machine enthusiasts.
    ​tydoc - TypeScript documenter that meets you where you are.
    ​Setset - Powerful Incremental Type-driven Settings Engine.
    ​Suub - Simple pub/sub written in TypeScript.
    ​typescript-vscode-sh-plugin - TypeScript plugin that proves richer semantic highlighing.
    ​oazapfts - Generate TypeScript clients to tap into OpenAPI servers.
    ​pattern-matching-ts - Pattern matching in TypeScript.
    ​txstate - Effort to statically type xstate.
    ​RemoteData type - ADT (algebraic data type) for typing remote data.
    ​Predicate Domain Specific Language - Expressive declarative toolkit for composing predicates in TypeScript or JavaScript. (Docs)
    ​True Myth - Library for safer and smarter error- and "nothing"-handling in TypeScript.
    ​appy - Functional wrapper around Fetch API.
    ​Barrels - Automatic TypeScript barrels (index.ts files) for your entire code base.
    ​optics-ts - Type-safe, ergonomic, polymorphic optics for TypeScript.
    ​set-fns - Utility library for working with sets.
    ​logging-ts - Composable loggers for TypeScript.
    ​typescript-is - TypeScript transformer that generates run-time type-checks.
    ​typed-query-selector - Better typed querySelector and querySelectorAll.
    ​typeofweb/schema - Lightweight and extensible library for data validation with full support for TypeScript.
    ​Typical - Playground for type-level primitives in TypeScript.
    ​typelevel-ts - Type level programming in TypeScript.
    ​Type Zoo - Menagerie of useful type operators for TypeScript.
    ​REST Services for Typescript - Lightweight annotation-based expressjs extension for typescript.
    ​elm-ts - Porting of The Elm Architecture to TypeScript featuring fp-ts, RxJS and React.
    ​ts-union-tools - Set of minimal utilities to work with union types and tagged unions in TypeScript.
    ​ts-nameof - nameof in TypeScript.
    ​prex - Asynchronous coordination for JavaScript and TypeScript.
    ​Purifree - Pointfree type-safe functional programming library for TypeScript - with do notation, HKTs, generic lifts and more.
    ​valita - Typesafe validation & parsing library for TypeScript.
    ​Tick-Knock - Small and powerful, type-safe and easy-to-use Entity-Component-System (ECS) library written in TypeScript.
    ​gridstack.js - Mobile-friendly modern Typescript library for dashboard layout and creation. (Web)
    ​SheetQuery - Query Builder/ORM for Google Sheets.
    ​immutability-helper - Mutate a copy of data without changing the original source.
    ​nom-ts - TypeScript nominal-typing helpers.
    ​generic-type-guard - Type safe, composable type guards for TypeScript.
    ​type-plus - Additional types and types adjusted utilities for TypeScript.
    ​DDD - Domain Driven Design framework for software simplicity in node.
    ​ts-checked-fsm - TypeScript library providing compile-time checking for state machine transitions.
    ​resolvers - Validation resolvers: Zod, Yup, Joi, Superstruct, Vest, class-validator, io-ts, and nope.
    ​json-schema-to-ts - Infer TS types from JSON schemas.
    ​meros - Fast utility that makes reading multipart responses simple.
    ​storage - Various implementation of storage which implements API similar to the 'localStorage.'.
    ​mswjs/data - Data modeling and relation library for testing JavaScript applications.
    ​WolfECS - Powerful, lightweight Entity Component System framework written in Typescript.
    ​typed-regex - TypeScript library for type-safe regex for named capture groups.
    ​JSON bond - Type-safe JSON strings.
    ​Cockatiel - Resilience and transient-fault-handling library.
    ​ts-to-zod - Generate Zod schemas from Typescript types/interfaces.
    ​native - Initiative which aims to make it easy to create complex, light-weight, and performant web applications using modern JS API's.
    ​prelude-ts - TypeScript library which aims to make functional programming concepts accessible and productive in TypeScript.
    ​Euclid.ts - Typescript library for 2D geometry.
    ​Superstruct - Simple and composable way to validate data in JavaScript (and TypeScript).
    ​async-off - Make asynchronous TypeScript code synchronous.
    ​Earl - Ergonomic, modern and type-safe assertion library for TypeScript. (Web)
    ​FS Capacitor - Filesystem-bufferred, passthrough stream that buffers indefinitely rather than propagate backpressure from downstream consumers.
    ​rustic - TypeScript library providing emulation of Rust's Option and Result types. (Reddit)
    ​log-editor - Use your editor to inspect the log instead of scrolling the congested terminal.
    ​text-unicode - Unicode text OT implementation.
    ​optimistic-state - Optimistic state with rollbacks and race condition handling.
    ​ts-mixer - Small TypeScript library that provides tolerable Mixin functionality.
    ​PointerTracker - Track mouse/touch/pointer events for a given element.
    ​Yield Machine - Define State Machines using Generator Functions.
    ​KBar - Add a fast, portable, and extensible command+k interface to your site. (Web) (Tweet)
    ​Postel - Tiny library for building tooltips, flyovers, menus and more in React. (Article)
    ​pattern-matching - Provides pattern matching features typically found in functional languages like Elixir/Erlang, ML, F#, etc.
    ​H3 - Minimal HTTP framework built for high performance and portability.
    ​Zerva - Minimal event driven web service infrastructure.
    ​Zeed Library - Simple TS/JS Foundation Library.
    ​UCAST - Universal Conditions AST. (Examples)
    ​ts - Monorepo of typescript projects.
    ​urlpack - Pure JavaScript toolkit for data URLs (MessagePack, Base58 and Base62).
    ​miette - Fancy upgrade to console.log.
    ​construct-js - Library for creating byte level data structures.
    ​yieldparser - Parse using JavaScript generator functions β€” it’s like components for parsing.
    ​tsafe - Missing TypeScript builtins.
    ​better-typescript-lib - Better TypeScript standard library.
    ​class-transformer - Decorator-based transformation, serialization, and deserialization between objects and classes.
    ​Funfix - Functional Programming Library for JavaScript, TypeScript.
    ​typeconv - Convert between JSON Schema, TypeScript, GraphQL, Open API and SureType.
    ​multicloud-jwt - JWT that works both on AWS and GCP's KMS.


    ​TypeScout - Search TS types. (Code)
    ​TypeSearch - Search TS types. (Code)
    ​TypeScript library starter - Starter kit with zero-config for building a library in TypeScript, featuring RollupJS, Jest, Prettier, TSLint, Semantic Release, and more.
    ​check-dts - Unit tests for TypeScript definitions in your JS open source library.
    ​LiTScript - Documentation generation tool that draws inspiration from literate programming.
    ​tsup - Bundle your TypeScript library with no config, powered by esbuild.
    ​docs-ts - Zero-config documentation tool for TypeScript projects.
    ​tsd - Check TypeScript type definitions.
    ​Grok - Turns a TypeScript declaration file into a beautiful, readable, web page.
    ​my-ts-lib - Minimal TypeScript library starter.
    ​typescript-npm-package-template - Template to kickstart creating a Node.js module using TypeScript and VSCode.
    ​typedoc-plugin-markdown - Plugin for TypeDoc that enables TypeScript API documentation to be generated in Markdown.
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