Haskell libraries

Last updated 5 days ago


  • scotty

  • servant - DSL for describing, serving, querying, mocking, documenting web applications and more.

  • WAI - Interface between Haskell web frameworks and web servers.


  • PostgreSQL ORM - Haskell ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and migrations DSL for PostgreSQL.

  • Squeal - Deep embedding of SQL in Haskell.


  • Amazonka - Comprehensive Amazon Web Services SDK.


  • generic-lens - Generically derive traversals, lenses, and prisms.

  • freer-simple - Friendly effect system for Haskell.

  • Capability - Extensional capabilities and deriving combinators.

  • Req - Easy-to-use, type-safe, expandable, high-level HTTP client library.

  • silica - Haskell optics with type errors useful enough to teach people.

  • aeson - Fast Haskell JSON library.

  • proto-lens - API for protocol buffers using modern Haskell language and library patterns.