My workflow

My workflow is always changing but currently it consists of the following.


  • VS Code - Main editor.
  • Sublime text - GitHub readmes / editing dotfiles.
  • iTerm - Terminal / Neovim.

Task tracking

  • 2Do - Personal day-to-day tasks.
  • Ship - GitHub issues.
  • Trello - Public and personal boards.

Time management

  • Fantastical - I plan my work for the entire day ahead of me and my dad is primarily guided by the events I create.

Knowledge Indexing

  • SnippetsLab - Snippets of code / snippets of knowledge (facts/reference).


  • Alfred My Mind - All my public facing bookmarks.
  • Safari and Chrome local bookmarks - Only personal bookmarks.
  • Alfred Go Fast - Everything else.


  • Personal images in Photos and other images in Pixave


  • RSS - I follow all blogs I am interested in with RSS.
  • Twitter - I made many Twitter lists separated by topics.


  • Ulysses - Ally my writing. Medium posts, stories, wiki, small pieces.

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