My workflow in writing and maintaining this wiki

I write all these entries in Ulysses app and since all of the entries are simply markdown files sorted into folders and hosted on GitHub. I hook this git knowledge folder to Ulysses as external folder :

And then I have all the power of Ulysses search across my entire wiki base + my personal entries :

I also use two specialised Alfred workflows. One that specifically searches through folders in this knowledge main folder :

And then on activation will open these folders in Ulysses so I can quickly add more notes to the folder. I then have another workflow that searches for all the markdown files in this knowledge folder :

And then it opens these markdown files in Ulysses for quickly editing them.

Aside from these two workflows I heavily automate and customise Ulysses to my liking. And I use this Keyboard Maestro macro to quickly start editing my SUMMARY file which defines the order in which Gitbook actually renders my markdowns. Here is how this simple macro looks like :

I also use this macro to quickly create folders in this wiki :

And finally, the most used macro I use to fully automate updating this wiki is simply committing all the changes in this wiki with a single hotkey :

And that is pretty much it. This lets me be extremely fast with editing and maintaining this wiki. I also heavily make use of this wiki by searching through Gitbook book itself :

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