I once used Timing app to fully automate tracking time I spend on my computer.
I setup projects in Timing with rules assigned for each project. I then had Timing infer time I spent on these projects automatically based on the rules.
No longer use any tracking apps as part of my minimization of tools I use.


  • Can press βŒ₯ + β†’ in Review tab to expand all items fully (assuming I selected the items I want to expand). Can CMD+A to select all projects beforehand.
  • Running defaults write info.eurocomp.Timing2 letTaskSuggestionsOverrideExistingProjects -bool true would make task suggestions independent of current project.
  • defaults write info.eurocomp.Timing2 TaskActivitySuggestionsTableViewController.selectFirstSuggestionByDefault -bool true makes the first suggestion on by default.
Last modified 2mo ago
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