I use Contacts app as a contact book of people I both know and people I am interested in.
I use this workflow to quickly search through all my contacts. I add tags (i.e. the name of event we met at or person's skills/interests) to make both the searching and remembering who the person is or what he/she does easier.
I add del as part of the name contacts that are temporary. I then cleanup these contacts when they are no longer needed. i.e. You need to add person to Contacts just to send someone a WhatsApp message. Or agency contact for a place I rent.


  • ​Monica - Personal CRM. Remember everything about your friends, family and business relationships. (Code)
  • ​contactful - Simple personal contact management system.
  • ​node-mac-contacts - Create, read, update, and delete contacts from users' contacts databases on macOS.
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