I love GTD methodology. This app is phenomenal with helping me organize my tasks. Here is how my sidebar looks:

It also has global quick add with a hotkey. Together with lists, priorities, powerful search and a lot more.

My 2Do tasks shared

I share contents of some of my never ending lists of tasks I tagged in 2Do with read, watch and check tags.

All lists are sorted by priority. I hope to bring all these lists closer to 0 when I get time. But until then, perhaps you will find something interesting in them.

Managing tasks with tags

My main way of managing tasks is with tags. This lets me give scope to the task I want to complete and lets me filter through the many thousands of tasks I have in my Inbox.

I create many smart lists of most common tags I want to jump to. I use j key and macros that activate the URL scheme to jump between the lists.

And here are the other tags I use:

I made my All list sorted by Modified date. This lets me cleanly delete or act on all tasks that have been sitting in my 2Do for too long with no activity.

Recurring tasks

I use 2Do's recurring scheduled tasks as a way to remember to complete my day/week reflections & plans.

URL Scheme

2Do URL schemes documentation has everything. I use these URL schemes currently:

  • Go to 2Do list from URL scheme: twodo://x-callback-url/showList?name=PR (would go to to PR list).