Moved completely to using the command line for all my development needs. Assigned w + j with Karabiner to open the app from Keyboard Maestro in seconds.

I also made my own Ayu theme for it that looks like this:

Here are all the Homebrew packages I like and use.

My workflow

I always have 5 tabs (sessions) always open in iTerm. I open other tabs as the need arises and I start working on other projects.

My always open tabs are:

  1. :: - This tab never has a program open inside. It is my runner terminal. I have it assigned to open with f+j and I use it to run commands that are not project related. It's my general kind of session.
  2. now - This tab is where the majority of my work is done. If I am working on any kind of project, I usually work on it through this tab. Bound to f+..
  3. clones - Is used to work through various projects I cloned in ~/dev/clones. Bound to f+/.
  4. kar - Contains my Karabiner configuration file I edit. Bound to v+:.
  5. vim - Contains my vim config file. Bound to v+a.

All other tabs are added on top of this default configuration. Usually it looks something like this:

Where la is some project I am working on.

I then use this workflow to quickly switch between active tty sessions:

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