Making Workflows

There is a detailed article available on how you can write workflows in Go language.

You can also take a look through Alfred's help and get help from the forum.

My workflow in developing workflows

I like to write all my workflows in Go language unless the workflow can be done using only Alfred builtin objects and some python/bash code.

Workflows in Go language

In cases where I am planning to use Go to write the workflow. Here are the steps I follow. This assumes you have installed alfred cli tool.

  1. Create a folder in my GOPATH inside ~/go/src/
  2. prefix the folder name with alfred-
    • i.e. alfred-twitter
  3. initialise the folder with git as any project
  4. inside my alfred- folder I create a workflow directory
    • this is where the actual workflow will live in as well as the binary file compiled from my Go code
  5. create the workflow I want to make in alfred preferences
    • add the icon, name and unique bundle id
  6. carry the info.plist and .png file of the logo to this workflow directory I created
    • I use Alfred's Move To... file action for quickly transferring files
    • you can find these files by going here

  • After transferring the files, I delete the workflow from Alfred preferences
  • Inside my alfred- directory I run alfred link
    • that creates a symlink between the workflow directory and where the actual workflow lies
  • write my Go code inside alfred- folder and when I want to compile it to run from Alfred, I run alfred build

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