Alfred is a very powerful launcher that you can program to show you anything you want. It saved me a lot of time in my life.


It has a great community and very powerful workflows that you can use.

I wrote an article on how anyone can start developing workflows of their own using Go language and AwGo library.

Workflows I use

My most used workflows at current time are:

Coupled with many small workflows I made. I hope to add more workflows of my own to the mix with time.

It is a great idea to symlink workflows you are working on so you can work on them in the comfort of your file system and not inside Alfred UUID named directories.

You can use this script to achieve this. In example of this workflow you can use it as follows. Assuming the source directory contains Alfred workflow contents (info.plist file). You can run -s source.

I can also then use this script and build my workflow with -v source.


  • Package workflows from CLI with version numbers
  • Alfred can preserve a user's Hotkey shortcuts, keywords and workflow variable values. Everything else in the workflow directory gets overwritten.
  • I prefix my own workflows that I have not published out to the world with a. prefix. This way I know off hand that this workflow is either private or unreleased yet.
  • Sometimes when passing things from one object into another, you want to clear your {query} being passed to get a clean prompt. To achieve this you can set argument utility and set it as empty like here:

  • You can exclude certain folders or files from being searched. For example, if you have a file filter that searches through some folders and its contents but you don't wish for it to search some big node_modules folder. You can simply add this folder to Spotlight preferences under privacy tab like here:

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