2Do together with MindNode and Trello acts as as my second brain. Where 2Do is focused on actionable tasks that I have to complete in GTD style.

Here is how my sidebar looks:

Managing tasks with tags

My main way of managing tasks is with tags. This lets me give scope to the task I want to complete and lets me filter through the many thousands of tasks I have in my Inbox. Here is a brief glimpse of what tags I add:

I also add time estimates to tasks like so:

This is useful because sometimes I can simply open a tag 10m and see all tasks with this short time frame so I can quickly complete them and get on build on the momentum. I don't add time estimates to all tasks but I try to add it where possible.


  • Go to 2Do list from URL scheme: twodo://x-callback-url/showList?name=next (would go to to next list).
  • Filter 2Do tag from URL scheme: twodo://x-callback-url/search?text=tags:bug (would show all tasks with bug tag)

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