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    ​January - First month at Enpicom, building a platform for personalized immunotherapies.
    ​February - Moved to Den Bosch. Writing code.
    ​March - Visited London/Paris. First Go conference.
    ​April - Last month at Enpicom. Building LA 1.0
    ​May - Moved to London. Joined Gyana.
    ​June - Gyana.
    ​July - Gyana.
    ​August - Gyana. Practicing focus.
    ​September - Prague. Gyana. Gatsby is cool.
    ​October - Left Gyana.
    ​November - Redoing personal site, learning.
    ​December - New years with family.


Matured as a person. Gained my first work experience. Listened to Nils Frahm.
    ​January - LA nominated for Golden Kitty award. Stopped using FB.
    ​February - Made Telegram macOS/iOS group.
    ​March - Stopped listening to music when working.
    ​April - Finding happiness. Started playing tennis and growing a healthy recipe collection.
    ​May - Started using Nix. Minimized more things.
    ​June - University exams. Working on LA's design and more minimizing.
    ​July - Joined Deedmob. Happiest month in a long while.
    ​August - Moved to Amsterdam.
    ​September - Learning JavaScript. Moved Karabiner to Goku.
    ​October - Web Summit. Learning.
    ​November - Learning.
    ​December - Celebrated new year in Spain with family.


Interesting year. Learn Anything was born. Started writing this wiki.
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