My principles

I believe everyone should have some set of principles they should follow. Having a clear picture of what is important to you and what you want to focus on doing in life is important.

Here are my mine:

  1. I should share all and everything I know openly and free to all.
  2. I should value each animal’s life on this planet as equal to that of my own.
  3. I should attempt to minimise suffering caused directly by me to other living organisms and the planet.
  4. I should be free to choose what I want to do and create.
  5. I should not judge any person’s actions and attempt to see their point of view in any action that they take.
  6. I should always challenge myself to do new things I have never tried before no matter how hard they seem.
  7. I should try to make the world a fairer place where all have a chance to create something creative and new.
  8. I should visualise my ideas and knowledge and share these ideas with the world.
  9. I should embrace change.
  10. I should not waste time doing things that don't impact my life in a positive way.
  11. I should never complain about anything and take a proactive stance on every issue I face.
  12. I should learn from my mistakes.
  13. I should behave in accordance to my principles.

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