• Set tasks. Plan. Focus.

  • One task at a time. No distractions. Always mindful of my actions & thoughts. Be calm.

  • Ask questions. Be honest, clear & concise. Document thoughts/processes/knowledge.

  • Simplify & minimize everything. Don't repeat myself. Remove friction. Focus on essentials. Use what I need.

  • Cut out noise (no analytics, likes..). No time wasted. Maximize impact & growth. Filter consumed information to optimize for signal.

  • Learn from mistakes. Reflect. Journal. Move forward. Move fast.

  • Embrace change. Be proactive. Be bold & fearless. Take ownership. Never give up. Never complain.

  • Don’t eat animals, don’t hurt any person. Don't waste anything.

  • Don't compare myself to other people. Surround myself with people that inspire me.

  • Create art. Meet people. See places. Be inspired. Reuse work & ideas.

  • Be consistent. Start early. Done > Perfect. Do the simplest thing. Solve core problems. Enjoy the process.

  • Optimize and streamline my workflow & processes I use to get things done.

  • Don't judge anyone. Attempt to see another person's point of view.

  • Don't lie to myself nor anyone else. Be confident in my thoughts & actions. Be decisive. Give feedback.

  • Don't stay in bed. Wake up fast and start the day. Keep straight posture & spine.

  • Create & update rules based on new experience. Build, enforce & learn existing rules.

  • Take it easy. Be playful. You only live now.


  • Exercise. 30+ min cardio/weights daily.

  • Drink lots of water & tea. Limit coffee. No sugar.

  • Reach optimal micro & macro nutrient goals, supplement where needed.

  • Start every morning with workout & shower.

  • Brush/floss teeth & clean face every morning/evening.

  • Apply sun screen when going out. Don't frown. Don't touch face or mouth with dirty hands.

  • Sleep fully. Don't limit sleep, ever. If need to wake up early, go to sleep early. Sleep ~8 hours each day.

  • Everything in moderation. Avoid any damaging drugs (i.e. alcohol/opiates). Health above all. Limit psychedelic use.

  • Lead a happy, mindful, stress free life. No worries. No anxieties. Clean up.


  • Break problems down. Solve each step one at a time. Know the end goal.

  • When focusing, do the active task. No news/distractions. No context switching.

  • Spend mindful time on all devices. On iOS, listen to podcasts/books, read/chat. Minimize things that can be done faster on mac.

  • Do bodyweight exercises during the day to regain focus. Change environments for inspiration.

  • Listen to rain (Spotify on mac & Dark Noise on iOS) or Focus playlist when focusing. Environment noise blocked unless it's non distracting or quiet.

  • Only have essential notifications setup. iOS is always in Do Not Disturb mode.

  • Say no to things. Set constraints & limits.

  • Never give up if problem's worth solving. Optimize for long term growth over short term gains.

  • Always breathe fresh air. Have proper lighting.

  • Wear clean & comfortable clothes.

  • Never sit for long. Sit up right. Be comfortable & ergonomic. Use standing desk & vary between sitting & standing.

  • Only use the bed for sleep. Start each day quickly by waking up & standing up.

  • Don't overthink things. Clear up any confusions. Don't be stuck. Ask for help.

  • Use priority system for everything and don't go outside its bounds. (i.e. Trello Learn board or Goodreads currently reading list)


  • Share all ideas I have. Add relevant description and links to describe the idea clearly.

  • Start building early. Validate ideas. Iterate fast. Ship often. Listen to feedback.

  • Look for patterns to draw inspiration for novel ideas.


  • Always learn new things but be purposeful & focused. Learn fundamentals for clarity.

  • Document everything. Don't repeat things. Link instead.

  • There are no dumb questions. Do some research first though.

  • Build things from scratch to understand. Minimal version that works.

  • Draw or sketch to distill complex ideas. Think through problems together. Discuss.

  • Watch videos at 2x speed, unless it hurts comprehension or it's entertainment.

  • Listen to podcasts/books at fastest speed I can comprehend. (Podcasts: ~1.8x + smart speed, Books: ~1.5x).

  • Teach what I know in a clear way aided by visualization, narrative & interactivity. Learn and teach in public.


  • Be clear in what I want to share. Be concise. Cut out everything that’s not surprising. Remove noise.

  • Use proper punctuation and capitalize things appropriately. Use simple language. Be concise & clear.

  • Use imperative tense for briefness when making tasks (2Do, Trello, GitHub issues). Add useful details where needed.

  • Remove unnecessary and filler words. Use adverbs sparingly, they often undermine your point. Instead of really like, say love. Say more with less.

  • Minimize use of articles (a, an, the) as they in most cases add noise.

  • Hyperlink words/phrases appropriately.

  • Use headings to separate sections in articles/docs.

  • Fix mistakes with spell checker.

  • Format text to focus attention. Bold = strong emphasis. Italic = soft emphasis. Syntax highlight Code blocks.


  • Only use what is necessary. Experiment with new tools/apps but never keep things I don't need. Applies to everything.

  • Run less software/code. Only run what I use and need. Keep all systems clean & purposeful.

  • Invest in learning/using/building new tools.


  • Share everything I know and made.

  • Submit bugs and feature requests as soon as I encounter problems I can't solve. Twitter, email, in-app or feedback assistant.

  • Say things that contribute to the conversation. Be honest. Be nice.

  • Keep things I shared up-to-date where appropriate (wiki, snippets, homepage). Especially main pages like rules, workflow, goals, projects, about & now.

  • Proactively update anything I find to be wrong or not well expressed. This includes content that isn't my own. Openly express feedback.


  • Separate information into two levels of quality if necessary (i.e. Twitter Follows / Other).

  • Subscribe to Atom over RSS feed if possible.


  • Value each animal’s life as equal to that of my own. Don't eat or hurt anyone.

  • Minimize suffering caused to other people. Be conscious of other people's feelings.

  • Strive to empower everyone around me to be better. Show compassion and care. Be humble.


  • Mindfully spend money. Don't support practices I don't agree with.

  • When paying online, check that payments go through.

Solve problems

  • Aggressively research everything I don't understand. In solving problems, think about it in terms of models I can validate.

  • For programming, think about the data model and operations. Always keep in mind the problem being solved.


  • Write clear code. Explicit over implicit. Readability Matters More Than Correctness

  • Make code run first. Then make it fast (if necessary).

  • Read docs. Update docs where needed.

  • Function name should describe what it does. Good function names summarize what happens inside.

  • Only copy things I understand. Copy correctly.

  • Delimit files with spaces using - instead of _.

  • Use switch cases over long ifs.

  • Open draft PRs for WIP changes, saying what should be added or considered in Notes for reviewers or the related issue. Ask for feedback.

  • Minimize distractions in text editor.

  • Comment over unclear code. Be as descriptive as necessary.

  • Enforce one formatting style for code with automatic formatter.


  • Give friendly explanation of why the change was rejected.


  • Minimize decision making done by users. Good design leads.

  • Impress users with great landing page.


  • Only keep good & memorable photos. Clean up the rest. Sort into albums.

  • Don't over edit photos & share freely.


  • Keep email inbox close to 0 at all times.

  • Pin emails that need attention.

  • Archive important emails accordingly. Delete the rest.

  • Filter incoming emails. Separate personal emails from the rest (newsletters/other).


  • Version control all projects. Commit often. Squash branches into one good commit.

  • Respect existing git workflow of projects.

  • Prefix branch names with fix/ or feat/ appropriately.


  • Add appropriate topics to each repo (languages used, problem space, ..)

  • Use relative links instead of hard wired links (i.e. ../issues/ refers to issues of repo).

  • Have same README & CONTRIBUTING content structure across all my repos.

  • Can append #readme to GitHub repos that are curated lists or simple readmes.


  • Use HTML for rendering images if control of size or position is needed.

  • Add appropriate quote to briefly describe the repo (often is the same as description but with links).

  • If README is long enough, add a Contents reference table.

  • Add a way to visually show the project if possible.

  • Add Related section linking to similar projects if possible.


  • Treat wiki as my digital brain. Share everything I know or need to reference. Reflect on life.

  • Have unified structure for all pages.

  • Interlink pages to guide the reader.

  • Don't repeat myself. Link. Keep files lowercased.

  • Only keep links that are private in bookmarks. Everything else is shared either in wiki or curated lists.

Share files

  • Temporary shares with Transfer. Permanent with Dropbox. Can use jsDelivr to link to GitHub raw files.


  • Respect my time. If going on dates or meeting people, make it worthwhile or not go at all.

  • Use same profile picture & cover photo across all profiles. Don't change it.

  • Use a profile picture with my face on it on platforms that require it (i.e. AirBnb, LinkedIn..)

  • Add appropriate short description with link to personal site.

  • Use same username on all services. Either full name (nikitavoloboev) or nikivi. Or nikivii if nikivi is taken.

  • Interact with content/discussions freely. Upvote/Like things appropriately. Can later index & search this data.


  • Prefer Apple login over other options.


  • Use descriptives lowercased names for external triggers.


  • Only have tasks I need to get done Today in Today. Important tasks are stored in Starred sorted by priority. Keep Today list manageable (< 15 tasks).

  • All tasks need to be actionable.

  • Work on tasks based on priority. Strive to keep Starred list close to 0.

  • Add context of task as tags.

Ask questions


  • When asking for feedback, never ask people if they like the product I built. Ask them whether they don't like anything instead.

  • Welcome any feedback. The more critical feedback, the better. Internalize all useful feedback, make it actionable.


  • Make notes as I read books & papers.

  • Review read books on Goodreads & add it to wiki.

  • Star articles I liked on Reeder. Transfer likes to wiki later.



  • Only run software I need. Quit everything else or delete entirely.

  • Have full control over what is going on my OS to reasonable degree.

  • Yellow arrows & text is nicer to read when annotating images.

  • Don't play games on mac/iOS.

  • Share images freely with Imgur where direct linking doesn't work.

  • Copy screenshots to clipboard & paste for quick sharing.

  • Use package manager to install things. Keep packages updated.


  • Order of importance for cards: Watching -> Next -> No label.


  • Track everything worth tracking (lists of movies seen, books read, series watched..).


  • Mark places I've liked in Google Maps with optional notes about them.

  • Buy transport (plane/train) & accommodation for future events/conferences/travels as soon as possible (when I am sure I am attending event/place).

  • Proof check dates before buying tickets. Don't prepare large liquids (> 100ml) in planes.

  • Check in online as early as possible.

Giving talks

  • Link to a page where people can get the slide deck + recording of talk given after giving any talk/presentation as a final slide. Can reuse the final slide for all talks.


  • Name aliases/functions optimizing for balance of character positioning and mnemonics (i.e. r -> rg).


  • Sort bindings in the order of keyboard (Q -> W -> E ..). Spacebar is always last key.