Finding work

I made a curated list of things to do and places to look to find work programming.

For mysef though, I made a Trello board that looks like this:

Which captures the main parts of finding the job. Preparing for the interview. Searching & applying for the job. Doing the interview or completing the assignment.

Hopefully in the future I reach the stage where this process will be easier as I gain more experience and practice. But the biggest lesson I learned in this is to be super proactive in searching & applying. I was too afraid and too insecure about no one ever wanting to hire me after quite a long time of failures both from interviews and from simply getting any response back when I showed any interest, that I just stopped caring for it and focused on my own projects instead. It really is a numbers game out there and if you don't apply and approach and ideally meet and network with people, you will never get anywhere sadly.

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