Last updated 4 months ago

For my own personal finance, I budget all my money with my online bank app, N26 and its spaces feature.

On my scheduled Sunday weekly reviews, I budget out the money I plan myself to spend next week into a Week space in N26. The remaining money goes into Save space or any of my planned big purchases spaces. Here is how it looks in N26:

Macbook here is the planned purchase with goal of 2500 €

I use YNAB methodology and Actual app to proactively budget my finances.

YNAB methodology for managing money is extremely effective as it allows me to be be more proactive with budgeting and spending. It lets me know how much money I have and how much money I can spend on any given category. I find this proactive approach in dealing with money very freeing and powerful.

Each transaction made with N26 is automatically sorted into a category by the app. If that category is wrong, I correct it in N26 app. On Sundays of each week, I review all the purchases made, the money I have and my goals and based on that, set out the budget for next week. In my case that means moving the money I plan to spend next week into Week space with remaining money going into Save or some big purchase goal I have (with it being its own space).

I try to be very strict with my budgeting and make sure that when there is no money left for eating out, I don't eat out. This approach to finance also makes me stop and review any non food related purchase I make in life and judge it accordingly before going through with it.

Ongoing subscriptions

I use Bobby iOS app to track my ongoing subscriptions. I review it monthly on my scheduled monthly reviews (on last Sunday of every month) and make sure I don't subscribe to any subscription that I find brings no value to my life or subscriptions that my budget doesn't allow to continue.

Tracking what to buy next

I use 2Do to track what things I want to buy next. These are just tasks with buy tag in 2Do sorted by priority. Here is how it looks: