I love writing. Human language, of which I currently know two so far : russian and english. Is incredibly empowering. The sheer fact that I can actually put my thoughts onto paper in a way that other people can read and understand is amazing.

Paul Graham wrote a wonderful article titled Write like you talk and I agree with it wholeheartedly. In my opinion these are main pillars on which I try to build my writing skills upon.


If I don't believe in what I am saying, it is waste of both mine and the person's reading my work time. If I believe in what idea or message or thought that it is I am trying to say, writing becomes second instinct and it is much easier to translate what is in head onto paper. Being honest with yourself may sometimes be difficult but journalling often helps in this regard.

Saying more with less

Never use a long word where a short one will do.

I try to have my writing be as transparent as possible for the person reading it. If something can be said simply, it is best to say it, simply.


Read other people's work. Read books. Both fiction and non fiction, and get a taste to how different styles of writing can exist and how they can be used effectively.


  • How I write
    • What my writing setup looks like on my mac.
    • Although I now use Ulysses full screen and use many macros and few alfred workflows to quickly navigate through my writing library.

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