React Native

  • CallStack - React Native community-trusted, extremely skilled Javascript developers.

  • Galois - Develops technology to guarantee the trustworthiness of systems where failure is unacceptable.

  • Akveo - Delivering Web & Mobile Solutions.

  • Spaceship Studio - Web & mobile development, strategy, and training.



  • Asquera - Specialise on the things below the covers: databases, queues, caches, APIs and the tiny details that make them all work together.

Data Science

  • Quansight

  • QuantumBlack - Use data, analytics and design to help our clients be the best they can be.

  • Data Revenue - Custom machine learning solutions for real-life problems.





  • OnGres - Expert postgres help for startups and enterprise.


  • Propensive - European technology company, specializing in supporting the Scala programming community.



  • Dasshbit - Help startups and enterprises adopt and run Elixir in production.


  • NumTide - Bringing the power of Nix to companies since 2016.



  • Monadfix - Work with Haskell, PureScript, and Agda.

  • feenk - Reshape the Development eXperience to make your systems explainable.

  • Keming Labs - Build data-driven interfaces.

  • Obsidian Systems - Software consultancy specializing in haskell, nix, curiosity, and innovation.

  • Oxidizing Systems - Provide consulting services based on our experience in functional programming and safe systems.

  • Reify Works - Help companies market and sell more software.

  • YLD

  • PerfPerfPerf - Web performance consultancy. (Code)

  • RedMadRobot - Full cycle product development.

  • Parallax - Digital agency.

  • Exyte - Mobile, Blockchain, and AR/VR Development Agency.

  • The Yak Collective - Network of over 300 independent consultants, coaches, and freelancers with varied technical and creative skills.

  • Cunningham & Cunningham - Small consultancy that has specialized in object-oriented programming.

  • Codista - Professional Web Development in Vienna.

  • Postlight - Digital Product Studio.

  • Mirumee - High performance Python, React & React Native applications.

  • Clearleft - Strategic Design & Innovation Consultancy.

  • Narative - Helps you brand, build and grow.

  • - Software consulting agency aiming to provide you with industry experience, forward thinking solutions and self-driven tools.

  • Futurice - Digital Engineering and Innovation.

  • Little Miss Robot - Digital Product Design Agency.