My favorite browser. It is incredibly fast, doesn't have the baggage of all the Google Chrome tracking and is native to macOS so it is extremely optimized.

Here are the websites I have in my Favorites which are usually sites I want super fast access to from iOS Safari:

As it is my most used app, I like to script and automate as much of my use of it as possible.

I use this amazing workflow to quickly jump between my currently active Safari tabs as well as search through my history and bookmarks.

I also open any of my most used websites using KM macros. The macro opens the website I specify or if the website is open anywhere in Safari and will jump between the tabs of the website. I use this macro for my most used websites and I can open any website I wish with a single keypress. Both open and switch between various websites.

Extensions I use

  • sVim - Adds a custom layer of keybinds you can customize to personalize your browsing experience. My config.
  • AdGuard - Ad content blocker that uses Safari native content blocking API's.
  • Hckr News - An interface change to hacker news focusing on content and reducing visual noise.
  • 1Password - 1Password is a phenomenal password manager, this extension just gives a seamless interaction of it with the browser.
  • Translate - Automatically translate entire webpages into your preferred language as you browse.
  • JSON Formatter - Makes JSON documents that you open with the browser 'human readable' by formatting them nicely.
  • Select - Allows you to select text inside links.

For more extensions you can see this list.

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