My file system

I have a very intricate system where I put files according to their purpose and context thus I always know where to find them. And I access everything from Alfred.


I have a folder ~/play where I clone different projects. I then filter contents of it with this workfow.


I also have a ~projects folder where I keep all the ongoing projects I am working on


Inside this folder I keep all the things I have open sourced and that are on GitHub sorted by the organisation. Currently it just has two folders there (my name and LA org). And inside I sort the projects according to their purpose too :

Go code

I keep all my Go projects inside my GOPATH.


I use Documents to store things like books, research papers, uni work, various app related things and files, audio books and more. Here is how my Documents folder looks like : I use a custom icon for Documents folder just so it's easy to distinguish them from the rest using my folder search workflow.

And finally, since I use Karabiner and it gives me such a freedom of infinite binding of keys. I dedicate my 4 key for quickly opening various folders in Alfred file viewer.

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