• ​Skyra - All-in-one multipurpose Discord Bot designed to carry out most of your server's needs with great performance and stability. (Web)
  • ​Actions Bot - Discord Bot that helps with Action Items.
  • ​TypeScript Community Bot - Utility bot built for the TypeScript Community Discord Server.
  • ​KCD Community Bot - Automating onboarding and other things.
  • ​Red Discord Bot - Fully modular bot – meaning all features and commands can be enabled/disabled to your liking, making it completely customizable.
  • ​Glimbot - Discord utility bot.
  • ​Blitz Community Bot - Utility bot built for the Blitz Community Discord Server.
  • ​Discord GitHub Bot - Consumes the GitHub API and gives you updates.
  • ​discordcat - CLI utility to post files and command output to discord.
  • ​Bulbbot - Discord Moderation bot.
  • ​Discord-Rose - Simple Discord library for advanced users.
  • ​discordcaptcha - Verification bot for Discord.
  • ​web-watcher - Discord bot which monitor and send alerts on website changes. (Docs)
  • ​Robbb - Discord bot for the Unixporn community in Rust.
  • ​Send - Send a message to me on Discord using webhooks.
  • ​MRVN - Discord music player bot.
  • ​AWESOM-O - Modular Discord bot with support for user created scripts and an online dashboard. (Web)
  • ​MusicBot - Multi-server music bot for Discord built in Go.
  • ​JMusicBot - Discord music bot that's easy to set up and run yourself. In Java. (Docs)
  • ​Vortex - Discord Moderation Bot.
  • ​NFT Discord Bot - Discord bot for ERC721 NFT collections.
  • ​instant-poll - Discord bot that lets you create polls in your server.
  • ​Rustbot - Rust programming language bot for Discord.
  • ​ArtBot - Discord bot for ArtBlocks.
  • ​DNS over Discord - DNS resolver built for Discord.
  • ​ClemBot - Discord bot for server management with an emphasis on modularity and configuration.
  • ​Discord External Video Embeds - Discord bot that fixes broken Twitter, TikTok and Reddit video Embeds.
  • ​Ghostybot - Feature-rich Discord bot with +200 commands for Discord servers. Economy, util, fun, music, admin and more! Built with Next.js and Discord.js.


  • ​Slshx - Strongly-typed Discord commands on Cloudflare Workers.
  • ​Harmony - Easy to use Discord API Library for Deno.
  • ​Songbird - Async Rust library for the Discord voice API.
  • ​Discord Rust​
  • ​Discord Rust 2​
  • ​Discord Rust 3​
  • ​Discord Rust 4 - Safe wrapper around the Discord Rich Presence API.
  • ​Discord Go​
  • ​Discord Go 2​
  • ​Discord Go 3 - Go module for interacting with the documented Discord's bot interface; Gateway, REST requests and voice.
  • ​Discord C++​
  • ​Discord JS​
  • ​Discord Elixir​
  • ​Discord Swift​
  • ​Discord Lua​
  • ​discord-jsx - Experimental way to write Discord bots with JSX for Node.
  • ​Cookiecord - Simplifies discord bot development by providing a modern and easy to use interface. (Docs)
  • ​gatekeeper - Supercharge your discord.js commands.
  • ​discord.py - API wrapper for Discord written in Python. (Future of discord.py) (HN) (Reddit)
  • ​Nextcord - Modern, easy-to-use, feature-rich, and async-ready API wrapper for Discord written in Python.
  • ​Nextcord V3 - Fast modular discord API wrapper written for python.
  • ​Discljord - Clojure wrapper library for the Discord API, with full API coverage, and high scalability.
  • ​Dis.ml - OCaml Discord API.
  • ​discordjs/voice - Implementation of the Discord Voice API for discord.js and other JS/TS libraries.
  • ​discord-hero - Powerful, modular and easy-to-use Discord Python bot framework. Batteries included.
  • ​catnip - Reactive, fully-async Discord API wrapper for the JVM, built on RxJava 3.
  • ​Solaire - Lightweight framework for creating discord bots.



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