Sublime Text
Use this editor in addition to VS Code and Neovim for its blazing fast speed of opening files.
I use it primarily to edit markdown files like this wiki. I also edit config files and open large and small files for quick edits.
I use many plugins together with Ayu theme.
I switch between Ayu Light and Ayu Mirage themes as I change between macOS appearances.
Ayu Light
Ayu Mirage


    Entering into sublime console (View -> Show Console):
      sublime.log_input(True) - Allows you to then see what commands you type as well as actions you make map to as sublime bindings.
      You can then turn all logging by running commands above with False or restart Sublime.
    New view into file will split current file into two tabs.
    I binded jj to go to normal mode from insert. This way when I load a file in sublime, it doesn't sometimes immediately go to normal mode. So I can instantly open file and safely spam j to go down a page without writing the j's.


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