Emacs packages


  • company-mode - Modular in-buffer completion framework for Emacs.

  • CIDER - Clojure Interactive Development Environment that Rocks for Emacs.

  • Lispy - Short and sweet LISP editing.

  • Eglot - Client for Language Server Protocol servers.

  • use-package - Macro allows you to isolate package configuration in your .emacs file .

  • Org Roam - Rudimentary Roam replica with Org-mode. (HN)

  • org-journal - Simple org-mode based journaling mode.

  • dumb-jump - Emacs "jump to definition" package for 40+ languages.

  • which-key - Emacs package that displays available keybindings in popup.

  • reformatter.el - Define commands which run reformatters on the current Emacs buffer.



  • inf-clojure - Basic interaction with a Clojure subprocess.