Text editors
Vim, Sublime Text and VS code are my favorite editors.
Vim for its text editing and the vim language and VS code for giving me the best of both worlds. The awesome Vim plugin and the amazing IDE like features. And Sublime Text for its speed and the awesome vim emulation.

Interesting editors

  • ​Oni2 - Native, lightweight modal code editor. (HN)
  • ​CodeMirror - In-browser code editor. (Code)
  • ​CodeMirror 6 - Next generation of the CodeMirror in-browser editor. (Code)
  • ​Awesome Online IDE​
  • ​Iota - Terminal-based text editor written in Rust.
  • ​SubEthaEdit - General purpose plain text editor for macOS. Widely known for its live collaboration feature.
  • ​Kakoune - Code editor that implements Vi’s "keystrokes as a text editing language" model. (HN) (kak-lsp - Kakoune Language Server Protocol Client.) (plug.kak - Plugin manager for Kakoune) (The first two hours of Kakoune in two minutes)
  • ​Lamdu - Open source live programming environment. Typed pure functional programming made easy, learnable, and efficient. (Web)
  • ​Kibi - Text editor in ≀1024 lines of code, written in Rust.
  • ​Monaco Editor - Code editor that powers VS Code. (Code)
  • ​Loop - Text editor built in Rust.
  • ​o - Small, fast and limited text editor.
  • ​RichEditorView - Rich Text Editor in Swift.
  • ​lite - Lightweight text editor written in Lua. (Plugins) (Implementation Overview) (Cached Software Rendering)
  • ​Blockly - Web-based, visual programming editor.
  • ​Micro - Modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor. (HN) (Web) (HN)
  • ​Lime Text - Powerful and elegant text editor primarily developed in Go.
  • ​Geany - Fast and lightweight IDE. (Code) (HN)
  • ​Xi Editor - Modern editor with a backend written in Rust. (Web) (Lobsters)
  • ​Xi Editor macOS - macOS client for Xi text editing backend.
  • ​Kiro - Terminal UTF-8 text editor written in Rust.
  • ​TextMate - Graphical text editor for macOS 10.12 or later. (Web)
  • ​Acme - Powerful text editor, development environment and textual-user-interface platform.
  • ​Nova - Native Mac code editor. (HN) (Lobsters) (Docs)
  • ​Trix - Compose beautifully formatted text in your web application. (Web)
  • ​Ox - Fast text editor that runs in your terminal. (HN)
  • ​Barliman - Prototype "smart editor" that performs real-time program synthesis.
  • ​Sapling - Highly experimental code editor where you edit code, not text.
  • ​Code Browser - Folding Text Editor. (HN)
  • ​Scribble - Experimental terminal text-editor written in Rust.
  • ​Uivonim - Fork of the Veonim Neovim GUI.
  • ​novelWriter - Markdown-like text editor designed for writing novels and larger projects of many smaller plain text documents. (Web) (HN)
  • ​AX Editor - Code editor with syntax highlighting that runs in your terminal written completely in Swift.
  • ​ghostwriter - Cross-platform, aesthetic, distraction-free Markdown editor. (Code)
  • ​sam - Updated version of the sam text editor.
  • ​Firepad - Collaborative Text Editor Powered by Firebase.
  • ​Noteworthy - Markdown editor with bidirectional links and excellent math support, powered by ProseMirror. (Code)
  • ​Texture - Visual editor for research.
  • ​Amp - Complete text editor for your terminal. (Code)
  • ​Atlas - Hopefully better engineering IDE. (HN)
  • ​Noto - Beautiful and simple plain text editor for macOS written in Swift.
  • ​Helix - Post-modern modal text editor. (Web) (HN)
  • ​Tofu - Exploration in fluid code editing. (Code)
  • ​ReVi - Vim inspired text editor.
  • ​vis - Vi-like editor based on Plan 9's structural regular expressions.
  • ​Led - Simple console-based text editor, written in Rust and using Ropey as its text buffer.
  • ​react-tapable-editor - Pluginable, intuitive medium/notion like rich text editor.
  • ​focus - Low-latency text editor in Zig.
  • ​Lite XL - Lightweight text editor written in Lua. (Web) (HN)
  • ​Opus - Minimal note-taking app.
  • ​React Oxide - open source ReactJS code editor with tabs, files & webDAV. (HN)
  • ​Tincta - Free text editor for Mac with focus on speed, stability and ease of use.
  • ​Zee - Modern text editor for the terminal written in Rust.
  • ​Glyph - Personal code editor built with Rust + OpenGL.



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