I am thinking of starting streaming some of the things I am doing like programming but maybe some other things in the future too. Twitch is genuinely a pretty amazing community for this kind of thing, it's a shame that is focused primarily over gaming channels and it its creative section is not as active.

In any way, here are things I am using for streaming:

  1. OBS for recording my laptop, audio and sometimes the camera.
  2. iShowU for installing the audio driver so the stream actually captures the sound from my headphones.

There are some annoying things that I do wish I could fix though. Since I am using just one laptop screen, I can't really see any new Twitch comments without constantly switching to my Dashboard which if you are programming is certainly the last thing you want to be doing. And another is more due to the way I do things and how the main driver for what I do is my 2Do task manager which sometimes happens to contain some personal stuff. And finally I often like to ask questions and get help from various chats like IRC or Slack groups and asking help there whilst streaming does not seem to be a good thing to do.

If I fix those three things though, I do think streaming is a really fun little hobby and a thing I might be doing more in the future.


  • If connecting to Twitch with IRC, you have to join the channel from IRC after. In my case it's /join #nikitavoloboev.

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