Social networks

I love how the internet allows the entire Earth to connect, communicate and work together no matter where you are.

However I am not too fond of centralized corporations abusing their powers and providing these services at the cost of complete disregard for user's privacy and interests.

Building profiles on people. Storing logs of every message you write to whomever you write. Your location, your contacts details, your likes and opinions. Storing everything in a data center forever and ever, in case such information will need to be used.

It's awful, having everything you do, monitored and analyzed. Checking whether what you say or think is deemed right by these authorities. Suppressing thoughts and feelings to what you should feel or think about is horrible and is in no way the world I want to live in.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to this little mess we got ourselves into.

Social networks are a wonderful thing as they do allow us to achieve more wonderful things faster and better by connecting everyone together. It's just that connecting everyone under one roof whose house's rules are chosen by few people is not the best way to do it.