Code on GitHub

I love to solve problems I have with code. Here are all the repositories I made.

Thoughts on Twitter

I share all the things I am up to right now there. And I curate a few Twitter lists where I get most of my news from.

Blog on Medium

I write about various things, mostly programming and macOS tips. Here are all the articles I wrote.

Experiences on Instagram

I like to share photos and stories from my life there. I also curate a small page of beautiful pictures and various Unsplash collections.

Music on Spotify and Soundcloud

I am currently not writing any music of my own but I am learning. I do however share many of the songs I like in form of playlists. I also share music I am listening to now and artists I love.

Videos on Youtube

I mostly make videos about macOS automation. Here are all the videos I have made. I also share many YouTube playlists I made.

Streaming on Twitch

I sometimes stream some of the things I am building for fun there. I try to explain things as I do them.

macOS/iOS group on Telegram

I love macOS and automation and made a Telegram group to discuss all things macOS/iOS with focus on productivity.

Ideas in Trello

My time is limited and I can't often do everything I wish. But I have many ideas so I put all of them in the open.

I have many more Trello boards I use and share.

Curated Images on Imgur

I also curate many Imgur albums of various things.

Knowledge in this wiki

I share everything I know in form of this wiki here. Can be easily queried with the search in top left corner and with Alfred My Mind workflow.

Answering questions on Reddit, Quora and various Stack Exchanges

I also share a multireddit of my favourite subreddits.

My workflow

I try to make my own workflow in doing things be as transparent as possible.

Things I track

I love tracking various things for my own reference.

My life

I share and review my life in this wiki here. Acts as a little personal journal I love to look back on with time.

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