Code on GitHub

I like to solve problems I have with code and sharing the things I made on GitHub. I map all the repositories I made here.

Thoughts on Twitter

I share all the things I am up to right now on my Twitter page. I also curate a few Twitter lists where I get most of my news from.

Blog on Medium

I write about various things, mostly programming and macOS tips. I map all the articles I wrote here.

Experiences on Instagram

I like to share small photos and stories from my life there. I also curate a small page where I share beautiful pictures and photos I like.

Music on Spotify

I am currently not writing any music of my own although I am learning. I do however share many of the songs I like in form of playlists. You can see music I am listening to now here.

Videos on Youtube

I mostly make videos about macOS automation. I map all the videos I have made here. I also share many playlists I made there.

Streaming on Twitch

I sometimes stream some of the things I am working on for fun on Twitch. I try to explain things as I do them.

Curated Images on Imgur

I also curate many Imgur albums of various things.

Ideas in Trello

My time is limited and I can't often do everything I wish. But I have many ideas so I put all of them in the open here. I hope to build Crafting Ideas soon and will keep them there after.

Knowledge in this wiki

I share everything I know in form of this wiki here. Can be easily queried with the search in top left corner and with Alfred My Mind workflow.

I also try to answer questions on various Stack Exchanges and Reddit.

My workflow

I try to make my own workflow in doing things be as transparent as possible and I share it fully here.

Things I track

I love tracking various things for my own reference. Here you can find a big list of everything I track and where.

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