My Workflow

I try to be methodical in working and doing things. And I use the best tools and workflows that work for me to achieve my goals.


  • Rules - Grounds me into focusing on what I find important in life and cutting out the waste.

  • Processes - Streamlines doing some tasks.

  • Habits - Essential habits in life.


Task tracking

  • 2Do - Personal day-to-day tasks. Every task is actionable.

  • Trello - Public and personal boards used for different projects centered around my one Focus board.

Time management

  • Fantastical - I plan events in advance for entire day ahead and my day is primarily guided by these events. I use Week view with 5 days from current day shown in the app. This gives me a perspective on what deadlines I have soon to complete and I can adjust my events as necessary and plan accordingly.

  • Timing - Track all time I spend there. I automate as much of the tracking as possible so Timing learns from what I do and it's easy to fill out the sections after.

Knowledge Indexing

  • This wiki - A bunch of markdown files rendered by GitBook and edited with Sublime Text.

  • Articles on Medium - Share longer articles on some one topic there. This wiki is a more living and ever changing document.

  • SnippetsLab - Snippets of code shared with GitHub Gists.


  • Curated lists - Extension to Awesome lists, serves as a way to publicly curate valuable links on different topics and search them. Any change I make to the lists are automatically committed with Hazel.

  • Alfred My Mind - All my public facing bookmarks. Searching this wiki here. Searching my articles, my GitHub repos and more.

  • Safari - Only contains personal bookmarks I search with Safari Assistant. The rest is publicly available and queryable by anyone.


  • Pixave - My entire media library of images and GIFs neatly sorted into collections. I post some images from there to my Instagram page.

  • Apple Photos - All my personal photographs and images I made.


  • Looking back - My public log of things I've done and worked on throughout the months with highlights from each month/year.


  • Mac - macOS apps/tools I use.

  • iOS - iOS apps/tools I use.

  • Staying on top of things - My approach to getting news and staying on top of things.

  • Tracking - Things I track for my own reference.

  • Finance - My approach to finance.