My Workflow


  • Rules - Lets me focus on creating value and cutting out noise in life.

  • Processes - Streamlines doing some tasks.

  • Goals - What I want to focus on in life in general strokes. Gives direction.


  • VS Code - Main editor. Write mostly Go & TypeScript.

  • Sublime Text - Editing markdown (wiki, articles, quick notes).

  • Vim - Edit my Karabiner config with it.

  • Xcode - Swift/SwiftUI.


  • 2Do - Personal tasks. Every task is actionable, tagged appropriately and sorted by priority.

  • Linear - Lovely task management for teams. Keyboard friendly. Use it for small & big private projects.

  • GitHub - Issues/PRs open for OSS projects I care about.


  • Fantastical - Only set events for meetings & actual events I want to visit. I view the calendar in 5 next days mode.

  • Calendly - For sharing my availability and arranging of meetings.


  • Hangouts - Fast and works well. Doesn't require booting a desktop app like Zoom.

Knowledge index


  • Alfred - Use Alfred to search everything.

  • Alfred My Mind - Search my entire corpus of useful to me references. Extension of my brain.

  • Safari - Only bookmark personal things which I search with Safari Assistant.


  • Apple Photos - My personal photo/video/memories collection. Includes other media files (art/references/..) sorted by folder. Use Slidebox to quickly delete or sort photos into albums.


  • macOS - macOS apps/tools I use.

  • iOS - iOS apps/tools I use.


  • Tracking - Various things I track for my own reference.

  • Things I own - Track items I own & use.



  • Finance - My approach to finance/investing.


Tech stack

Project tools

  • Discord/Slack/Telegram - According to type & size of project. Small project, Telegram group is fine. Open source or community project, Discord. Fully private, Slack is good although Discord works well too.

  • Linear - For everything task related.

  • Notion - For everything wiki, collaboration.

  • Figma - Design, mockups, visual prototyping.

  • Excalidraw - Quick sketches, thinking things through.

  • G Suite - For email mostly.

  • Google Domains - Domain handling.

  • AWS/GCP - For cloud services.

  • Loom - Video screen sharing.

  • GitHub - Code sharing & collaboration.

  • Metabase - Quick insights/analytics from data. Hooks up to Postgres easily & lets you run intuitive queries & make dashboards.



  • Sublime Merge - Visual Git interface. Nice way to see changes + past commits.

  • gitupdate - Automate commits. Use it for all doc, curated list updates and as commits inside feature branches (branch gets squashed after with proper commit).