My Workflow


  • Rules - Lets me focus on creating value and cutting out noise in life.

  • Processes - Streamlines doing some tasks.

  • Habits - 6 essential life habits I want to complete each day.

  • Themes - What I want to focus on in life in general strokes. Gives direction.


  • VS Code - Main editor. Write mostly Go & TypeScript.

  • Sublime Text - Editing markdown (wiki, articles, quick notes).

  • Vim - Edit my Karabiner config with it and quick shell edits.


  • 2Do - Personal tasks. Every task is actionable, tagged appropriately and sorted by priority.

  • Trello - Public & personal boards used for project tracking.

  • GitHub - Issues/PRs open for OSS projects I care about.


  • Fantastical - Only set events for meetings & actual events I want to visit. I view the calendar in 5 next days mode.

Knowledge index


  • Alfred - Use Alfred to search everything.

  • Alfred My Mind - Search my entire corpus of useful to me references. Extension of my brain.

  • Safari - Only bookmark personal things which I search with Safari Assistant.


  • Pixave - My entire media library of images and GIFs neatly sorted into collections. I post most images on Instagram.

  • Apple Photos - My personal photo/video/memories collection.


  • macOS - macOS apps/tools I use.

  • iOS - iOS apps/tools I use.


  • Tracking - Various things I track for my own reference.

  • Things I own - Track items I own & use.



  • Finance - My approach to finance/investing.

Tech stack

  • Websites - Use NextJS to server side render sites in React. Use TypeScript.

  • Server APIs - Use Go.

  • Scripts & CLI tools - Use Go.

  • Database - Use Postgres for everything. With Hasura setup for GraphQL queries. Use SQLite when need small DB.

  • Mobile apps - Prefer to build iOS apps with native Swift & SwiftUI. For apps that need cross platform support, I use React Native.

  • Pick services from cloud providers where it makes sense. Solving problems is what matters. Tech used only matters to the extent that code should be maintainable and fast where needed.

  • ML Models - Use PyTorch.