My Mind

Aside from this wiki. I also use many interactive mind maps. You can see all the mind maps I have made here.

Why I made them

I use these mind maps for many things. Since these maps are interactive and allow you to neatly link information together, they are much better suited for some formats. Like visualising different topics and their relations:

Which you can see and explore here.

I can then also instantly access any of these mind maps or any entry in this wiki from Alfred My Mind workflow:

Which as the name suggests, acts as my second brain that I use to quickly access anything I have indexed for myself. I share it because I wish other people took this idea and made their own Alfred My Mind or a Knowledge wiki but for their own use. Sharing knowledge and tools like that is very powerful and makes a big difference. As I use and reuse other people's work and knowledge many times a day. It never hurts to add to the mix.

Essentially mind maps act as a digital augmentation of my mind in many ways. I want to visualise knowledge and thoughts and ideas I have and share most of these things with other people through this wiki, the longer articles I write, the YouTube videos I make and of course finally through the code I write to make useful tools, apps and interactive visualisations that all can use and enjoy.

How to use these mind maps

Every mind map I made and shared is linked to some other mind map in some way and this map is the starting point.

Some nodes contain a description which is indicated by this little symbol here that you can click:

I use various emojis to indicate certain things like indicating that a node links to another map with 🗺.

With all that said. The best way to know about me as a person, what I like and what I am into and what I am working on is to read through this wiki. With time, it will contain essentially everything that I know in my own words.

This wiki acts as a first class citizen and anything that I ultimately want to share or have shared will be written down here, somewhere. Most of the mind maps I have made will be linked to from here and will have some description of the map too.

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