Here is a list of various things I track for my own use and reference.


  • Goodreads - List of books I have finished reading and reviews on all of the books I read.
  • Books - Books I have started reading, read and finished together with a link to the notes I made on each of the books and my reviews.
  • Reading books - Books I am reading now and planning to read soon.


TV series


  • Music playlists - Different playlists I made of music I like.
  • Spotify - Different Spotify playlists I made.
  • Soundcloud - Different music I liked.
  • - Music I am listening to now and music I listened to in the past.


  • Wakatime - The ratio of different programming languages I used this week together with the editors I used.



  • YouTube - Various YouTube playlists I made and shared.


  • Product Hunt - Different collections I made of products and things I liked.


  • Ideas - Ideas I have that I don't have time/skill to work on yet.
  • Things to try - Things I want to try do or make in my limited life.
  • Research - Things I want to research in depth.

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