Repeat things often enough and it becomes a routine. It's useful to be mindful and know what bad habits and routines you possess and break out of them.

I hope to cultivate and make many healthy routines and habits throughout my life. Here is a start. It simply states thing I should ideally follow or do at any given time throughout the day/week.



  1. Brush my teeth.
  2. Moisturise face.
  3. Focus.
  4. Start working on the first event from my Calendar (often includes cleaning up Today list in 2Do).


  1. Brush my teeth.
  2. Take shower.
  3. Moisturise face.
  4. Plan the day ahead of me if it is not planned already.
  5. Go to sleep before 11 pm ideally and wake up at the same time ideally.


Sunday review (Timing / Wakatime)

See where I spent my time and what I should cut away and focus on and plan accordingly.

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