Focusing on the things I need to be doing is quite hard and I am always trying to lure my monkey brain to actually listen to me and not live a life of its own.

Things that help me

  • I use this app to block a particular set of websites for 1 hour (website like Hacker News, Reddit).
  • And I like to listen to some stimulating music. Lately I have been really liking listening this.
  • Working outside from home and changing location often is also something helps me a lot being productive.
  • I also realise that multiple monitors is not so helpful for me after all and I am quite productive with just one.
  • I also try to live by my calendar. That is I try to assign blocks of time where I work on certain things and actually follow through and work during these time blocks. There is always something useful that I can be doing and I don't want to waste any mental energy choosing what to do in the moment.

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