Ad blocking


  • ​PI-HOLE - Network-wide ad blocking via your own Linux hardware. It doesn’t only hide ads, it blocks the connection between your network and the domains you blacklist completely. You set the IP of your Raspberry Pi running Pihole as your DNS server and that’s it. It comes preconfigured with a lot of blacklisted domains, but there are tons of lists you can add to block even more.

  • ​Hosts - Extending and consolidating hosts files from several well-curated sources.

  • ​Bromite - Chromium plus ad blocking and privacy enhancements; take back your browser.

  • ​Resilience - Ad blocker for your computer.

  • ​Ad Block engine in Rust - Native Rust module for Adblock Plus syntax (e.g. EasyList, EasyPrivacy) filter parsing and matching.

  • ​Hole Stats - Follow up and manage the status of your Pi-hole with this simple macOS app that lives in your menu bar.

  • ​Pi Stats - macOS app to visualize Pi-hole information.

  • ​EasyList filter lists - Sets of rules originally designed for Adblock that automatically remove unwanted content from the internet.

  • ​Bypass Paywalls - Web browser extension to help bypass paywalls for selected sites.