Wiki workflow
The entire wiki is one folder that you can find on GitHub. It has many folders with subfolders or entries inside.
The order with which GitBook renders the files in the sidebar to your left is defined in
I write and edit all the markdown files in this wiki from Sublime Text with Vim mode.
I use this Alfred workflow to quickly search through all the .md files that are found in this wiki.
This workflow also searches through all folders in this wiki and lets me create new folders inside those folders or create new entries (md files) inside the folders.

Editing on iOS

I place this knowledge folder in Dropbox. Then I use Ulysses iOS app to edit this entire wiki from the app by adding it as an external folder. Ulysses indexes the entire wiki so I can jump to any file in the folder in seconds and make an edit.
I can't however push changes live from iOS so I do that from mac.

Making notes on books

When reading books, I annotate over the PDF with PDF Expert. Once I read the book I transfer the annotations to the markdown file and connect the file to wiki. Then write a review on Goodreads and add the review and notes I made to books.

Using this wiki

Now that I can edit this wiki and extend it at the speed of a thought. I can open any of the wiki entries in seconds by searching for the file I need with Alfred My Mind.
And anyone who owns Alfred can download the workflow and search through the wiki too. Outside of that, GitBook also provides a pretty neat search in the wiki itself. In there you can make textual queries too and files where the queried text is will be shown.

Similar wikis I liked

Wiki software

  • ​GitBook​
  • ​Oscean - Flow-based serverless wiki.
  • ​WeeWiki - Wee little wiki engine used to generate personal wikis and mind maps.
  • ​Dnote - Simple personal knowledge base.
  • ​Instiki - Basic wiki clone so pretty and easy to set up, you’ll wonder if it’s really a wiki.