Web presence

These are my personal profiles on various websites sorted by categories.


  • GitHub - Share all my code there.

  • GitHub Gists - Sharing all my code snippets. Created with SnippetsLab.

  • Stack Overflow - Asking and answering questions.

  • NPM - All the node modules I released.

  • CodePen - Hope to use it more often to experiment with web things.

  • LeetCode - Preparing for technical interviews.

  • Codementor - Never used it.

  • Asciinema - Sharing terminal sessions for showcasing CLI tools and other things.

  • WakaTime - Tracking the time I spend coding.

  • Devpost - Tracking all the hackathons and hackathon projects I have done.

  • Code Wars - Practicing various coding challenges.

  • Docker Hub - Docker images.

  • GitLab

  • Katacoda


  • Quora - Asking and answering questions.

  • Kaggle - Practicing machine learning.

  • Coursera - Doing various courses.

  • Wiki - Everything I know.

  • Khan Academy - Getting up to speed with things quickly.

  • Quizlet - Flash cards.


  • SoundCloud - Sharing music I like and the tunes I make.

  • Spotify - Sharing music I like in form of a variety of playlists.

  • Last.fm - Tracking music I listen to on Spotify.

  • Mixcloud




  • Twitter - Sharing all the things I am up to right now.

  • Reddit - Frequently visiting and contributing to various subreddits I like.

  • Lobsters - Frequently visit and contribute to this Hacker News like community.

  • Hacker News - Often share things I built there.

  • Product Hunt - Share all my bigger and smaller projects I made there.

  • Indie Hackers - Awesome community of hackers and entrepreneurs.

  • Mastodon - Awesome federated network. Part of Merveilles.town.

  • Meetup - Attending various groups and meeting new interesting people and communities.

  • Linkedin - My online CV.

  • Facebook - Not used much.


  • Instagram - Sharing my experiences in life with photographs and stories.

  • VSCO - Edit my iPhone images there.

  • Curated images - Curating all the beautiful photographs/images I like.

  • Imgur - Sharing various albums I curated and liked.

  • Unsplash - Sharing some of my better photographs I made.


  • YouTube - Sharing videos I make on variety of subjects (mostly programming).

  • Twitch - I stream some projects I'm building.



  • Goodreads - Tracking books I have read as well as the reviews I have written.

  • Letterboxd - Tracking movies I've seen and my reviews on the movies I've liked or disliked.

  • Trakt - Tracking TV series I saw or want to watch.

  • Grouevee - Tracking all the different games I have played or want to play.


  • Steam - All the games I played on Steam.


  • Patreon - Since I do nearly everything Open Source and Free by default, I don't get any money for these things. Thus anyone who likes my work can show it in form of small or bigger donations.

  • Buy me a Coffee - One time donations.