My favorite mobile operating system mostly due to me not really trying anything else.

I hope to release Learn Anything on iOS soon too. That would be quite cool.

Nice OSS iOS Swift apps

  • ​Spotify Daily - Open-Source Spotify App. (HN)

  • ​EVOlution - Unofficial app for Swift Evolution.

  • ​Telegram​

  • ​Mast 2 - Mastodon client.

  • ​AltStore - Alternative app store for non-jailbroken iOS devices.

  • ​mChat - Real-time messaging app written in Swift for iOS devices.

  • ​Corona Tracker - Coronavirus tracker app for iOS & macOS with map & charts.

  • ​ProtonMail​

  • ​Sift - Uncover network traffic in real-time for every app on your phone.

  • ​Bank - Simple iOS app for viewing your bank account balance and transactions.

  • ​Signal - Private messenger for iOS.

  • ​Beam - Open source Reddit client for iOS.

  • ​Slide - Beautiful Reddit browser for iOS.

  • ​Lockdown - Open Source and free firewall for your iOS device.

  • ​Blink Shell - Professional, desktop-grade terminal for iOS that leverages the support of Mosh and SSH.

  • ​a-Shell - Text-based user interface for a screen-based platform. (Code) (HN)

  • ​OpenTrace - Open source reference implementation of BlueTrace.

  • ​iTorrent - iOS Torrent client App.

  • ​TracePrivately - Sample app using Apple's contact tracing framework.

  • ​DP3T - Decentralised Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (DP-3T) project.

  • ​Historian - History viewer and transmitter for Composable Architecture apps.

  • ​Pisth - SSH and SFTP client for iOS.

  • ​Pyto - Python IDE for iOS with NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, SciPy and SciKit-Learn.

  • ​SwiftUI Weather - Weather app made with SwiftUI and Combine.

  • ​Sketchbook iPad app - Shared sketchbook app in metal with cool brushes and networking.

  • ​Wikipedia - Official Wikipedia iOS app.

  • ​ImageUI - Photo viewer inspired by Apple.

  • ​VLC​

  • ​Messenger - Open source, native iOS Messenger, with audio/video calls and realtime chat conversations (full offline support).

  • ​Artsy - Core Artsy Mobile OSS project.

  • ​Onion Browser - Open-source, privacy-enhancing web browser for iOS, utilizing the Tor anonymity network.

  • ​Memories - iOS app that displays photos from your photo library taken on a particular day in history.

  • ​StopTouchingYourFace - SwiftUI App that alerts you when you have touched your face.

  • ​Say Their Names​

  • ​Canvas - Markdown editor.

  • ​Simplenote​

  • ​Kotoba - Quickly search the built-in iOS dictionary to see definitions of words. Collect words you want to remember.

  • ​Upcoming TV - Swift iOS app to track when your favorite tv show airs next.

  • ​Corona Warn App - Native iOS app using the exposure notification framework from Apple.

  • ​Clip - Clipboard manager for iOS that can monitor your clipboard indefinitely in the background.


  • ​Supercharge - Offers an innovative tweak editor with dozens of tools to build tweaks without writing a single line of code.

  • ​play.js - Node.js and React Native IDE for iPhone and iPad.