Operating systems

I love using macOS as my personal OS.

And I like NixOS and it's nix package manager.

Interesting OSes

  • MirageOS - Library operating system that constructs unikernels.

  • QubesOS

  • Plan 9

  • Toddler - Well-designed usable and portable microkernel OS.

  • OS67 - Unix-like toy kernel.

  • Serenity - X86 Unix-like operating system for IBM PC-compatibles.

  • Resea - Pure microkernel-based hackable operating system written from scratch in C and Rust.

  • Rux - Hobbyist microkernel written in Rust, featuring a capability-based system similar to seL4.

  • redshirt - Experiment to build some kind of operating-system-like environment where executables are all in WASM and are loaded from an IPFS-like decentralized network.

  • Spectrum - Step towards usable secure computing. (Developer manual) (Discussions)

  • mikado - RISC-V Experimental OS.

  • mkernel - Minimalist kernel which prints "my first kernel" on the screen and then hangs. (HN)

  • Barebones - Barebones multiboot kernel for beginners.

  • xv6 - Re-implementation of Dennis Ritchie's and Ken Thompson's Unix Version 6. (Paper) (HN)

  • Orange Slice - Research kernel and hypervisor attempting to get fully deterministic emulation with minimum performance cost.

  • Cloud Hypervisor - Open source Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) that runs on top of KVM.

  • RancherOS - Tiny Linux distro that runs the entire OS as Docker containers.

  • Bottlerocket OS - Free and open-source Linux-based operating system meant for hosting containers.

  • XNU kernel - Part of the Darwin operating system for use in macOS and iOS operating systems.

  • Haiku - Open-source operating system that specifically targets personal computing.

  • Pebble - Microkernel and userspace written in Rust, with first-class message passing.

  • RustyHermit - Rust-based, lightweight unikernel.

  • Distaff - Zero-knowledge virtual machine written in Rust.

  • zCore - Reimplement Zircon microkernel in Rust.

  • 9front

  • lilith - POSIX-like x86-64 kernel and userspace written in Crystal.

  • Genode - Operating System Framework.