Operating systems

I love using macOS as my personal OS.

And I like NixOS and it's nix package manager.

Interesting OSes

  • ​MirageOS - Library operating system that constructs unikernels. (Docs) (Docs code) (mirage-solo5)

  • ​QubesOS​

  • ​Plan 9​

  • ​Toddler - Well-designed usable and portable microkernel OS.

  • ​OS67 - Unix-like toy kernel.

  • ​Serenity - X86 Unix-like operating system for IBM PC-compatibles.

  • ​Resea - Pure microkernel-based hackable operating system written from scratch in C and Rust.

  • ​Rux - Hobbyist microkernel written in Rust, featuring a capability-based system similar to seL4.

  • ​redshirt - Experiment to build some kind of operating-system-like environment where executables are all in WASM and are loaded from an IPFS-like decentralized network.

  • ​Spectrum - Step towards usable secure computing. (Developer manual) (Discussions)

  • ​mikado - RISC-V Experimental OS.

  • ​mkernel - Minimalist kernel which prints "my first kernel" on the screen and then hangs. (HN)

  • ​Barebones - Barebones multiboot kernel for beginners.

  • ​xv6 - Re-implementation of Dennis Ritchie's and Ken Thompson's simple, Unix-like teaching operating system. (PDF) (HN) (HN 2) (Lobsters)

  • ​xv6 for RISC-V​

  • ​Orange Slice - Research kernel and hypervisor attempting to get fully deterministic emulation with minimum performance cost.

  • ​Cloud Hypervisor - Open source Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) that runs on top of KVM.

  • ​RancherOS - Tiny Linux distro that runs the entire OS as Docker containers.

  • ​Bottlerocket OS - Free and open-source Linux-based operating system meant for hosting containers.

  • ​XNU kernel - Part of the Darwin operating system for use in macOS and iOS operating systems.

  • ​Haiku - Open-source operating system that specifically targets personal computing. (HN)

  • ​Pebble - Microkernel and userspace written in Rust, with first-class message passing.

  • ​RustyHermit - Rust-based, lightweight unikernel.

  • ​Distaff - Zero-knowledge virtual machine written in Rust.

  • ​zCore - Reimplement Zircon microkernel in Rust.

  • ​lilith - POSIX-like x86-64 kernel and userspace written in Crystal.

  • ​Genode - Operating System Framework.

  • ​Shrine - TempleOS distro for heretics.

  • ​Subgraph OS - Desktop computing and communications platform that is designed to be resistant to network-borne exploit and malware attacks. (Handbook)

  • ​Mezzano - Operating system written in Common Lisp.

  • ​Collapse OS - Bootstrap post-collapse technology. (HN)

  • ​LegoOS - Disseminated, Distributed OS for Hardware Resource Disaggregation.

  • ​CuBitOS - General-purpose, formally-verified, 64-bit operating system in SPARK/Ada for x86-64.

  • ​Demikernel - Library operating system architecture designed for use with kernel-bypass I/O devices.

  • ​Drone - Embedded Operating System for writing real-time applications in Rust. (drone-core)

  • ​Manticore - Research operating system, written in Rust. (Web)

  • ​CyanOS - x86 monolithic kernel operating system, coded in C++ 17 and few lines of x86 Assembly.

  • ​ChaiOS - Modular multi-platform hobby OS. Hybrid kernel, largely monolithic. Kernel C library is dynamically linked.

  • ​Tails - Portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship. (Intro)

  • ​EmuTOS - Free operating system for Atari ST computers, and more. (Web)

  • ​HalideOS - Experimental operating system written entirely from scratch. It supports a basic shell with some commands including a command line calculator.

  • ​Biscuit - Monolithic, POSIX-subset operating system kernel in Go. (HN) (Code)

  • ​illumos - Unix operating system which provides next-generation features for downstream distributions, including advanced system debugging, next generation filesystem, networking, and virtualization options. (Rise and Development of illumos)

  • ​Managarm - Pragmatic microkernel-based OS with fully asynchronous I/O. (Fully Asynchronous OS Based on Modern C++ - Alexander Grinten (2020))

  • ​EggOS - Go unikernel running on x86 bare metal.