I 💚 GitHub. It is really one of the best communities out there that exists with so many different projects and ideas being worked on at any given time.

I publish most of my work and make it open source for other people to use and reuse and I build my own system to how I can be productive using the GitHub website and all the tooling and services it provides.

Here you can find all the repositories I have shared.


For managing issues I have, I use Ship macOS app.

It allows me to put certain issues into Up Next group as can be seen below :

And then I can go through these issues one by one.

Tips and Tricks

  • Selecting some text in a github comment and pressing r will make a reply of that text
  • GitHub jump workflow is one of the best things you can install to navigate GitHub like a God
    • I slightly modified it to jump to different parts of the repo with modifiers like going to issues, releases, opening new issue or even cloning the repo instantly
  • this is really cool website where you can find how people people have downloaded various GitHub releases of people
  • I can include media files like GIFs in the repository itself and then just reference them from README to embed them
    • media folder is usually used for this
  • I can include and mix in HTML in GitHub readme's
    • this is super useful for embedding images because you can customise width and height values to make the READMEs look a lot nicer
  • Hub is an awesome wrapper over git command


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