Music production


    ​Ableton Live - Digital audio workstation. (GitHub)
    ​GLICOL - Graph-oriented live coding language written in Rust. Make music with code. (Web)
    ​Helio Workstation - One music sequencer for all major platforms, both desktop and mobile. (Web) (HN)
    ​Sonic Pi - Code-based music creation and performance tool. (Code) (Sonic Pi Tool) (Sonic Pi Challenge) (Sonic Pi Tool (Python)) (HN)
    ​FlowKey - Learn Piano with songs you love.
    ​Orca - Live Programming Environment. Each letter of the alphabet is an operation. (C rewrite) (Web) (HN) (Interview with creator) (Forum discussion)
    ​Glitch - Minimal algorithmic music composer and synthesizer. (Code)
    ​IO-808 - Attempt at a fully recreated web-based TR-808 drum machine. (Code)
    ​Thrum - Experiment in making a livecoding music sequencer using functional reducers.
    ​BeepBox - Online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodies. (Code)
    ​BlokDust - Web-based music making app. (Code)
    ​Eternal - Create music using nodes. (Code)
    ​norns - Many sound instruments. It connects to grids, MIDI and other objects
    ​Tone Piano - Web Audio instrument which uses high-quality multi-sampled piano sounds provided by Salamander Grand Piano.
    ​Tone.js - Web Audio framework for making interactive music in the browser.
    ​tonal - Functional music theory library for JavaScript.
    ​Renoise - Digital Audio Workstation with a unique top-down approach.
    ​Overtone - Open source audio environment designed to explore new musical ideas from synthesis and sampling to instrument building, live-coding and collaborative jamming.
    ​Tidal Cycles - Live coding music with Algorithmic patterns. (Code)
    ​Music Grid - Simple music grid web app in which you can tap on cells to create music. (HN) (Code)
    ​mosh - Small command-line application written in Nim for 'moshing' data into audio.
    ​OCellator - Lispy synth language with structural editor. (Lobsters)
    ​BespokeSynth - Software modular synth.
    ​Vivid - High quality audio with Haskell and SuperCollider. (Code)
    ​Teensy Audio Library - 16 bit, 44.1 kHz streaming audio library for Teensy 3.
    ​Faust - Functional programming language for signal processing and sound synthesis. (Web) (Docs)
    ​FaustLive - Swiss knife for Faust development.
    ​AudioKit Pro - Leading free & open-source audio framework for iOS, macOS, and Apple Watch.
    ​ - Digital signal processing spreadsheet for sound design.
    ​Noisefunge - Music livecoding environment based on the befunge programming language. (HN)
    ​Wafxr - Sound effect generator. (Code)
    ​wasgen - Web Audio sound generator.
    ​Audiobench - Open source modular synthesizer.
    ​Edyson - Tool for exploring audio quickly.
    ​AudioMass - Audio Editor.
    ​Geonkick - Free software percussion synthesizer for GNU/Linux.
    ​kord - Music theory development framework in python.
    ​DaisySP - Open source DSP library written in C++ and specifically tailored to embedded audio applications.
    ​Daisy Seed - Embedded platform for music. It features everything you need for creating high fidelity audio hardware devices. Just plug in a USB cable and start making sound.
    ​Ofelia - Cross-platform real-time visual programming environment for creating audiovisual artwork or multimedia applications.
    ​dasp - Digital Audio Signal Processing in Rust.
    ​Orac - Virtual modular synth.
    ​aiotone - Audio synthesis and MIDI processing tools in AsyncIO.
    ​Linnstrument - Expressive MIDI controller for musical performance. (Firmware of LinnStrument)
    ​MusE - Digital audio workstation with support for both Audio and MIDI. (Web)
    ​Handel - Procedural programming language for writing songs in browser. (HN) (Code)
    ​Crypt - Software synthesiser plugin designed for creating spacious cold hyper-unisoned synth sounds.
    ​Fourhands - P2P MIDI jam room for pianists. (Code) (HN)
    ​FoxDot - Python driven environment for Live Coding. (Web)
    ​RaveForce - Environment that allows you to define your musical task in SuperCollider, and train an agent to do the task in Python with APIs similar to the OpenAI Gym.
    ​libsamplerate - Library for performing sample rate conversion of audio data. (Web)
    ​Music Pattern Generator - JavaScript MIDI Music Pattern Generator.
    ​Zrythm - Highly automated and intuitive digital audio workstation. (Code)
    ​Wavepot - Code Music In-Browser.
    ​LiveCore - Hardcore livecoding system for realtime audio synth.
    ​tuna - Audio effects library for the Web Audio API.
    ​LMMS - Cross-platform music production software. (Web)
    ​Ardour - Digital audio workstation.
    ​orenolisp - Structural clojure editor for producing sound using Overtone.
    ​WadJS - Web Audio DAW. Use the Web Audio API for dynamic sound synthesis. It's like jQuery for your ears.
    ​JamRTC - WebRTC for Live Musicians. (HN)
    ​Alda - Text-based programming language for music composition. (Why I'm rewriting Alda in Go and Kotlin) (Code) (Tutorial) (HN)
    ​IBNIZ - Virtual machine designed for extremely compact low-level audiovisual programs. (Code)
    ​HMSL - Hierarchical Music Specification Language.
    ​Pure Data - Free real-time computer music system.
    ​Vult - Transcompiler well suited to write high-performance DSP code. (Web)
    ​OP-1 - Synthesizer, sampler and sequencer. (Anniversary) (HN) (Article)
    ​Sorceress - Rust environment for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition.
    ​Mido - MIDI Objects for Python.
    ​basedrop - Set of memory-management tools for real-time audio. (Web)
    ​FunDSP - Audio DSP library featuring an inline graph notation for audio processing.
    ​PunKt - Live coding music library/environment for Kotlin.
    ​OpenMusic - Visual programming language based on Lisp.
    ​Scribbletune - Create music with JavaScript. (Code)
    ​auditok - Audio/acoustic activity detection and audio segmentation tool.
    β€‹β€ŽFlip Sampler​
    ​Fragment - Real-time audiovisual live coding environment.
    ​SOUL - Language and infrastructure for writing and deploying audio code. (Code)
    ​libpd - Pure Data embeddable audio synthesis library.
    ​Music Suite - Language for describing music, based on Haskell.
    ​Oscen - Rust Sound Synthesis Library.
    ​Dorico for iPad - Music Notation App.
    ​Signal - Online MIDI Editor. (Code)
    ​Meyda - Audio feature extraction for JavaScript. (Web)
    ​Meyda Rust - Audio feature extraction library for Rust.
    ​aeon - Live-coding system for musical pattern manipulation.
    ​Open Stage Control - Libre and modular OSC / MIDI controller. (Code)
    ​ChucK - Strongly-Timed Music Programming Language. (HN)
    ​Mosquito - Audio library for live coding, composition, sound design, DSP prototyping and any kind of audio applications.
    ​Composing Studio - Collaborative music composition for everyone. (Code)
    ​Aubio - Tool designed for the extraction of annotations from audio signals. (Web) (HN)
    ​Maximilian - C++ Audio and Music DSP Library.
    ​Melrōse - Interactive programming of melodies, producing MIDI.
    ​Jfxr - Browser-based tool to create sound effects for games. (Code)
    ​Mutagen - Python module for handling audio metadata.
    ​Sonic Visualiser - Visualization, analysis, and annotation of music audio recordings. (Code)
    ​Sound GLSL​
    ​SongKit - AI-powered songbook app for your iPhone and iPad, letting you organize, view, and edit your songs sheets on any of your devices.
    ​wavesurfer.js - Customizable audio waveform visualization, built on top of Web Audio API and HTML5 Canvas. (Code)
    ​Sorrygle - Text-based MIDI writing language and its compiler.
    ​Twang - Library for pure Rust advanced audio synthesis.
    ​Leipzig - Music composition library for Clojure and ClojureScript.



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