Wiki reference

Since I am both releasing this wiki for other people to read and explore as well as for my own use. I have a small number of rules of things I follow.

If you stumble upon anything confusing in the wiki, this place should ideally clear up any question you had.


I will be using certain abbreviations for things that I may be repeating often. Here is what they mean:


I often add a year in brackets to some articles or talks like (2017) which stands for the year in which that article or talk was given in.


I may say things like binded with v + r which means that I created an action that activates when I hold v key and then press r. For how that works read this.

KM macros

I sometimes will link to KM macro group/palette from this wiki. The link will lead to the macro group/palette in my GitHub repository.

Here are instructions for how you can save these macros. This assumes you have Keyboard Maestro installed.

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