Last updated 4 months ago

The app I use to write all my Medium articles in.

All your writing in one place is the motto and the underlying design of the app. I hook up my wiki as an external folder and I love how it creates an index of everything that I can search over:


It also has pretty awesome export functions that let you export the text you write to PDF, ePub and HTML. I mostly use it's ability to export text to Medium.

I use Monokai Night theme when I write. Here is how it looks:

I describe my thoughts and approach to writing here.

Content structure

I group my writing into appropriate categories. Here are how my categories look like.

I use two Alfred file filters to search through both Ulysses sheets and Ulysses groups.


  • ulysses://x-callback-url/new-sheet?text=New - Will create a sheet in Inbox with New text.