I use the app to fully automate writing repetitive text.

My Typinator Sets

Here you can find the different Sets that I use in Typinator to speed up my writing.

You can also find & download all the Typinator sets I use from here and here is their explanation.

  1. Smart - Snippets with more complex embeddings like AppleScript output.

  2. Words - Single word expansions.

  3. Phrases - Some phrases I find myself saying often.

  4. Questions - Common questions I found myself asking.

  5. Dates - Expanding current date in different formats like DD/MM/YYYY.

  6. Fantastical - Expansions for easing entering of natural input in Fantastical app.

My Typinator Sets

I use the same trick as in KM to indicate what information I should have in my clipboard before activating it by enclosing it inside {} like so:


  • You can press ⌥ + ⌫ to delete snippet without dialogue box.