Use Zsh as my shell together with Antibody plugin manager and Pure theme.

Assigned w + j with Karabiner to open the app from Keyboard Maestro in seconds.

I made my own Monokai Night theme for it.

My workflow

I always have at least 3 tabs (sessions) always open in iTerm. I open other tabs as the need arise. I use VS Code's integrated terminal for when I need the shell on per project basis.

My always open tabs are:

  1. Jump - Main tab I use to quickly jump around my file system. Bound to f+j.

  2. Run/Workspace - I use it as extra tab where I sometimes run a server or something where it makes sense. Bound to f+s.

  3. Karabiner - Contains my Karabiner configuration I edit in neovim. Bound to f+..

There is a workflow workflow to quickly switch between active tty sessions. Although I don't use it due to direct keybinds above.